Impact Credit Solution LLC "

This credit repair company focuses on making a positive impact for those with less than perfect credit. Helping people move forward with their financial goals is their motive. They not only help increase scores by leveraging the FCRA, we help build credit along the way for our clients to be involved in the process to an excellent credit score! For more information visit or email: or call 1-937-315-7117.

New Mission Financial

New Mission Financial, LLC specializes in helping individuals and businesses restore and improve their credit scores. This Florida based company is owned by Sereniti Bradley.

New Mission Financial credit repair company is dedicated, efficient, and provides effective service. Sereniti knows how important good credit is in today's world and she stands by the company's slogan: "Your Success Is Our New Mission!" Start your credit restoration journey with New Mission Financial for only $199. They also offer a subsidized program for low income families. Check them out! You won't be disappointed! For more information or email: or call: 1-888-517-2916.

Coates Financial Solutions

CFS not only disputes inaccuracies on credit reports, but also educates and help you to build and keep a good credit score. Credit is power. Thei passion is to change lives, one at a time. For more information visit: or email: or call1-800-314-5110.

Reliable Credit Repair Solutions, Inc.

My credit repair business was not taught to me, it was self taught through my own personal financial struggles that led me to where I am today. A SUCCESSFUL business owner! This credit repair company’s goal is to remove negative items from clients credit report and help improve clients credit score by implementing credit building techniques as part of their services. We also take time to teach our clients how to maintain their credit once it has been repaired so that it is easier to get approved for a mortgage and/ or car loan. Reliable Credit Repair Solutions, Inc has local car dealerships, mortgage companies, as well as, realtors such as The Housing Mentors, LLC owned by Bobbi Eubanks who has teamed up with my company to help assist my company and over 50 clients get approved for their first home in 2020. Reliable Credit Repair Solutions is a firm believer that “credit is your success.” For more information visit: or email or call: 910-808-1122.

780 Credit Pro

After going through financial hardships, including a bankruptcy in 2005, Founder Scott Curtis immersed himself into education of the inner workings of the credit industry. He discovered his passion while helping family, friends and acquaintances apply the knowledge and deep understanding about credit that he gained over the years. After noting the exorbitant number of people who need help with credit, Curtis formed 780 Credit Pro. I don’t want anyone to go through what I did, so my mission is clear: Impact as many lives as possible, financially educating them while helping restore their credit. For more information visit: Http:// or call: 1-877-888-1776

Next Level Consulting Group

Business Development Credit Repair Tax Prepration Services For more information email or call 7139312875.

Elite Financial Restoration Corp

Uses consumer laws to remove errors on consumers credit report. Bad credit doesn’t mean it’s your fault we can help. Credit repair is their expertise we don’t judge; we fix. What we value the most is: “Our clients.” Try them for 90 days and see how we can provide you with unmatched results! We’ll be with you every step of the way. For more information visit: or email: or call 561-571-0912.

Next Level Consulting Group

"Entrepreneur Business Consulting Credit Repair Tax Preparation Real Estate Services. For more information email: or call 713-931-2875.

Right Track Credit Repair

Right Track Credit Repair, located in the great city of Milwaukee, WI was founded by CEO and board certified credit consultant, Lamont Smith Who’s also the author of, The Blueprint: 10 Ways to Improve Your Credit. The results this company is producing combined with their above and beyond customer service is remarkable, That however doesn’t even compare with their unbelievably reasonable pricing. Their by far the MOST economical credit repair & consultation service in the industry. The company offers a 12 month credit restoration membership for as low as $150 for the year! While bad credit and finances can be a nightmare that seems impossible to wake up from, This company has a mission to help people dream again. For more information, please visit our website at or email: or call 262-228-7603.

DMI Financial Solutions

By removing inaccurate, incomplete, and unverifiable information from their credit reports, DMI Financial Solutions helps clients improve their credit scores, secure better interest rates, and make life happen on their own terms. With a better credit score on their side, DMI Financial Solutions’ clients are able to get better loan terms without a cosigner. “Life is better with good credit,” said the team at DMI Financial Solutions. Over the past three years, DMI Financial Solutions has helped hundreds of clients achieve their financial goals with their signature credit repair solutions, helping people gain confidence in their credit scores and the power to make purchases on their terms. Currently, DMI Financial Solutions is accepting new clients. More information can be found at Phone: 888.437.0564 Email: