Dr. Sanitize.com has come up with the first clinical grade UVC Light for smartphone which kills viruses and disinfects in 10 seconds, without causing any harm to users and surfaces.

Leading sanitization device manufacturer Dr. Sanitize.com has recently launched the FIRST ever Medical-Grade UVC Light for smartphone which facilitates easy and effective sanitization –on-the-go and without the fear of surface damage. Certified by UVC power, the light has proven to kill 99.9 percent germs and viruses in just seconds and also fits in your pocket like a dream.

The main USP of the product is certainly its medical-grade certification. There is no dearth of UVC-based sanitization bulbs today but none of them are medical-grade. Also, Dr. Sanitize’s UVC light stands out in the crowd with its easy portability and sturdy aluminum construction- the other two major factors not viable with regular UVC bulbs. 

"Dr. Sanitize enables everyone to carry the power of UVC in their Pocket and sterilize every day surfaces we come into contact with - better than sprays or chemicals that can damage surfaces and are toxic”, stated a leading spokesperson from Dr. Sanitize.com.

Added to smartphones, this revolutionary medical-grade UVC bulb can be used to sanitize almost all kinds of surfaces. These include door handles, car keys, automobiles, restrooms, mails & packages and so on. Users can also use it to sanitize reusable face masks.

The power of UVC light in killing viruses and germs has already been proved by experts. A recent study by Columbia University Irving Medical Center over 99.9% of exposed seasonal coronaviruses could be killed with constant exposure to UVC light (far-UVC light) while dispersed under a certain regulatory limit. The researchers have found that the light could destroy 90% airborne viruses in around 8 minutes, 95% viruses in around 11 minutes, 99% in around 16 minutes as well as 99.9% in around 25 minutes. 

“UV light has long been a weapon in disinfecting surfaces and has been widely in use in labs and hospitals. Now, of course, there has been this fear that human exposure to UV light could be fatal in long term. But, it’s not the case with far-UVC light (222nm wavelength instead of regular 254 nm UVC wavelength) as it can’t penetrate the outer skin layer of our body and reach our cells. Thus, it’s safer for us. And our Dr. Sanitize medical-grade UVC bulb uses far-UVC light only to ensure the most successful sanitization without causing any health risk to user.”

Speaking on, the spokesperson highlighted the unique features of Dr. Sanitize UVC Light-

  • Only Medical grade UVC Light in current market
  • Used and recommended by medical experts
  • Kills viruses, bacteria and other germs in just seconds
  • Medical grade aluminum and bulb
  • Small and Easily portable
  • Fits in keychain
  • Can be powered by phone battery
  • Simple plug and play operation, doesn’t require app download
  • Lasts solid 2 hours on phone charge only
  • More effective and safer to use than cleaning sprays and other forms of sanitizers

“Our revolutionary medical-grade UVC light is not only far superior than regular UVC bulbs in the market but is also available at a fraction of cost.”

Dr. Sanitize UVC Light for smartphones has already fetched a bunch of rave user reviews-

I love the quality and love how portable it is! It's just as powerful as my big handheld one that's collecting dust now"

"Durable and Perfect for my day to day routines. I got one for everyone in my family and one for my boss"

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