Traffic Problem is an issue in cities all across the world and it was part of our daily life before the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully, when this pandemic ends, and we resume our daily work, we might again witness traffic congestion. Many companies have been looking to solve the traffic problem. Some are planning AI-enabled traffic lights while others have developed electric scooters and cars. But a Belarus-based company that goes by the name of uSky Transport, believes that the solution to this traffic congestion is to build a network of driverless high-speed pods that will ride across cities. BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter With 130Km Range Unveiled, Check Features & Specifications Here.

As per a report by CNN, in June 2021, uSky Transport opened a 400-meter test line to test the high-speed futuristic pods in Sharjah. These pods are powered electrically and get a glossy exterior look. On the inside, it looks like a high-class airline suite that includes lounge music, floor-to-ceiling windows and mood lighting.

Driverless High-Speed Futuristic Pods
Driverless High-Speed Futuristic Pods (Photo Credits: CNN)

The high-speed futuristic Pod is designed in such a way that it can carry up to four passengers. In addition to this, it also gets two padded armchairs and two foldable seats. A city-wide network of these pods could carry 10,000 passengers per hour with vehicles currently able to travel up to 150 km/hr. uSky Transport reportedly revealed that to construct one kilometre of the subway for these pods could cost up to $150 million.

Video Source: Khaleej Times

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