Launched on 31st August 2020, FACT (“Fee Active Collateral Token”), a lending protocol, has entered the DeFi scene with a bang. Its unique product allows cryptocurrency investors to deposit various stablecoins as collateral, all with zero interest rate. FACT’s investment model is designed to give investors a new passive income model, as opposed to traditional staking used in other DeFi protocols.

It’s noteworthy that DeFi lending and staking are now gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency, as they allow you to make money even while you sleep. To that end, FACT introduced its unique lending model to help investors earn passive returns on both their deposits and investments.

By staking FACT, you’re automatically considered a Liquidity Provider, using your collateral to hedge against volatility in the crypto markets. To get you started, here's how you can easily earn passive income with FACT.

First, deposit Dai (or any other supported token) at 0% interest as collateral to get FACT for liquidity mining. To help sustain the platform, borrowers pay a one-time 2% processing fee to liquidity providers (i.e., stakers).

Then, you can stake FACT to earn passive returns. By staking FACT, you'll be recognized as a Liquidity Provider and you will receive a share of the 2% fixed borrowing fee. In addition to liquidity providing , you'll receive a part of the tokens (7 million FACT) allocated for staking rewards. Keep in mind that your earnings are determined by two factors: how much FACT you stake and how long your crypto-assets are locked in the system, As a liquidity provider you’ll get the 2% distributed as long as you are staking FACT.

FACT is the native token, so you don't need to hold token ETH/FACT pairs — say 50% ETH and 50% FACT — to become a liquidity provider. Also, as a staker, you'll not be affected by price fluctuations and impermeant losses since you're only contributing to the liquidity pool by only FACT.

FACT was recently listed on popular decentralized exchange Uniswap, in what was a high-profile launch. This massive partnership has helped early-stage FACT investors successfully earn a whopping 1400% return on their investments. In what was a strategic move aimed at getting better exposure and more traction, FACT scored another exchange partnership with Hotbit four days later. For the unfamiliar, Hotbit is an exchange that allows you to trade virtually every major cryptocurrency, more than every other exchange in the crypto space.

20,000 FACT tokens will be burned every month and most of the remaining tokens will be locked up in FACT's smart contract to provide liquidity to the mining pool. The smart contract is already in development, and HODLers will be able to stake their tokens starting from 20th September, 2020.

September will be a significant month for the project, with operations kicking into full swing this month. Several 'updates' have been rolled out already, such as the Uniswap token listing, presale Liquidity lock and Hotbit listing.

Moreover, plans are already in place for major announcements like the Probit and Kucoin listings (in the coming weeks), beta release, and staking dApp launch which are highly anticipated in the community.

FACT Project Roadmap; major announcements expected in September

FACT has a circulating supply of 400,000 while as of September 3 (i.e., after the first FACT coin burn), the total supply is 15,382,000.

Out of the total supply of FACT, 5.5 million FACT available to the liquidity pool. To reduce the supply of FACT tokens, FACT DAO will burn 20,000 FACT every month, thereby preventing inflation. Since FACT is a deflationary currency, its value will only increase over time while the supply reduces. As such, stakers will keep earning better rewards for liquidity mining.

Considering the overall complexity of the project and the ambitious vision of the team, FACT has already made a lasting impression in less than a week (precisely three days) after its launch. It's important to note FACT is much more than a cryptocurrency; it's an ecosystem supporting crypto stakeholders who believe in the future of money: decentralized finance.

With a fast-growing community of passionate investors and several groundbreaking features to be added in the future (launching its DEX, for instance), FACT is no doubt one innovative project to watch out for in the DeFi space. Through zero-interest lending, lucrative staking rewards and yield farming, the future looks bright, for a FACT!

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