Before 2020 hit families in full force this year, Americans were accustomed to eating many of their meals out at restaurants, or on-the-go, as they bolted from one location to another. But, as changes occurred and remote work became the norm for the foreseeable future, more people than ever before are eating at home. 

For better or for worse, this new kind of consumption schedule is making it challenging for at-home workers and parents to keep the flow of food fun, delicious, and of course, nutritious. Reaching into the refrigerator and grabbing whatever one can find, especially if they are just doing it because they are bored, can lead to weight gain. Additionally, coming up with new recipes for the family every single day while homeschooling and managing a job can be impossible – the pressures on parents are mounting.

With all of these changes, individuals are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and purely burnt-out regarding the creativity it takes to come up with the right recipes. People are also looking for ways to stay creative, engaged, and connected with their family members right at home. One lifestyle entrepreneur and chef is challenging people to see this year in a new light. In fact, she argues that having new autonomy over the food we eat every day can be a powerful thing when managing our health and our weight.

“I chose to see this year as a gift, an opportunity to help home cooks everywhere,” said Paulina Brand. “I wanted to inspire women and home cooks who are struggling with three major forces working against them: tighter home budgets, homeschooling demands, and restaurant closures. Food insecurity is high, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a problem for families.”

The Bohemian Peach

Brand published a lifestyle cookbook, Taste of Home, to show families that they can actually take advantage of this ‘new normal.’ Packed with 60 easy to make recipes, emotional stories, gorgeous and award-winning photography, and entertaining tips that make cooking fun, Taste of Home will help cooks enjoy themselves, feed loved ones, and most importantly, make new memories.

Taste of Home also covers familial-sustainability, like using medicinal plants and herbs for spices, remedies, and medicine. The book reviews making syrup, investing in our immune systems, and even how to garden with children and help them connect with nature while having fun in the great outdoors.

“It’s just as much mindset as it is food preparation, which is why I believe it’s more important than ever to show people that it can be enjoyable, memorable, and entertaining to whip up meals for the family every night,” said Brand. “Best of all, this all-in-one book will help families, friends, and kids explore the power of food, herbs, and the plants right outside our backdoors. I think it’s times we learn about the power of food in healing our minds, bodies, and souls today.”

It Starts with a Beautiful, Frugal MindsetOriginally from the Czech Republic, Paulina presently lives in Georgia where she has mastered the art of southern food traditions. Her company, the Bohemian Peach, is based on the premise of helping everyday people everywhere understand what’s possible. Often described as a cook that whips up “beautiful, yet frugal meals” in all of her literature, Paulina left no stones unturned when it came to the high-quality photography she has paired with all of her recipes in Taste of Home.

For those struggling with food insecurity or a lack of inspiration when cooking in the kitchen every day at home, learn more or order a copy of Taste of Home at: