India: Political and security tensions ever remain between the neighboring countries, but when it comes to different developmental projects, they work hand in hand. If seen from the perspective of India and China, the situation is similar. The two countries have offered equal importance and support to different projects yielding noticeable improvements in the realm of trade, finance, and cultural diversity. But these would not have taken place, hadn't there been enthusiastic individuals and organizations from both ends.

The entrepreneur, Sairaj Patil, the founder of Yindia happens to be one of them, who had started his NPO to make India and China come together in several innovative project ventures. Their initiatives have not been successful, but also created spaces for more. Presently holds a very important stage in the Indo-China initiatives and in the days to come, is expected for further enhancement.

At the same time, Sairaj has also started a Facebook channel as Yindia where they showcase ‘What foreigners think about India’ to bring the foreigners close to the Indian audience. There the opinions of the foreigners and their ideas about India are properly showcased. This helps the cultural and mental affinities of the people of the two countries and their understanding of each other in the long run. Be it the Chinese student's songs in Hindi, or a video on being proud to be an India, the channel has it all for the residents of both countries.

This media project was incepted by the joint venture by the entrepreneur and his like-minded friend Raz Galor. The media channel has already experienced a huge surge of popularity from the FB users of both countries. Their endeavors have given air to a great many developmental projects lately the offers symmetry in Indo-China project talks. Such projects and initiatives have made Yindia a face for successful Indo-China joint ventures. In the changing world, India needs to step ahead with the rest of the world. These are the mediums that offer this chance to companies and entrepreneurs.

About Yindia:

Yindia is the initiative for perfect Indo-China joint ventures in a wide plethora of Innovative projects. Sairaj Patil is the driving force behind Y-India's growth and rapid expansion. He has an ideal blend of technical understanding and business acumen, combined with great people skills. He is a strong believer in Innovation & tech.

His goal is to showcase the cross-cultural views about the Indians to understand what foreigners think about India. The organization has been carrying on with different developmental works in different spheres of the countries, making notable changes in the known processes and setting examples. Already subject to huge popularity, Yindia is now the apple of the eye for the investors and trading companies as well. As a believer of innovation and tech support, Sairaj offers the best options through this org.

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