Elite Financial Restoration’s founder, Gamael Belizaire discovered that even with his experience and knowledge as a Credit Specialist at JP Morgan Chase Bank for three years, he still struggled getting approved for low interest rates, or in some cases, even approved at all!

Gamael knew that excellent credit was key to leveraging better financial opportunities (and saving money in the long run). He dedicated himself to advancing his knowledge about consumer credit, consumer finance, debt reporting and collection, and the federal laws that protect consumers investing his time and hard earned savings in expert credit repair publications, online courses, industry conferences, and mentorship programs.

Empowered with information and a strategy, Belizaire became his first credit repair client. He applied what he learned and his score went up 108 points within 3 months! Excited by his results Gamael (practically) begged his sister to allow him to apply his strategy to remove negative, outdated, incomplete or erroneous information on her credit reports, quickly. Although reluctant, his sister finally agreed, and Belizaire went to work, applying the same strategy he used for his own credit improvement, but customized to address her credit blemishes. To both Gamael and his sister’s surprise, her credit score with one credit reporting agency jumped 36 points within 30 days!

Gamael didn’t just stop with his sister. He began applying his credit improvement strategies on his friend’s credit reports and achieved rapid credit score increases for them, as well! The impact of witnessing his sister and his friends leveraging their - now improved - credit scores smart and responsible ways, made Gamael realize that helping others improve their financial situations for the better was deeply gratifying and became his passion. In March of 2019, Gamael founded, Elite Financial Restoration Corporation.

Today, Elite Financial Restoration Corp is a growing start-up company producing great results for over 45 clients. Leveraging federal laws created to protect customers, Elite Financial Restoration Corp aims to remove errors, incomplete and inaccurate information associated with Collections, Charge offs, Student loans, Medical bills, Repossessed Vehicles, Bankruptcies, Hard Inquires and more.

Try us for 90 days and see how we can provide you with unmatched results! We’ll be with you every step of the way. Their motto is: “Bad credit doesn’t mean it’s your fault we can help. Credit repair is our expertise we don’t judge; we fix.” For more information email: elitefinancialr@gmail.com, or call 561-571-0912 or visit https://www.efrbestcreditnow.com.