Jiten Thakkar is a dedicated businessman who started it from scratch. With his understanding of how to run a business, grow it and promote it well, he has reached great heights in his career. During the pandemic, Jiten launched a company called 'Local Forever'. The company aims to help small businesses who suffered during lockdown and have no proper idea of how to promote themselves.

Lockdown was a time when a lot of people suffered in their business. But Jiten Thakkar has a mind that's sharp and he always thinks a step ahead. With his venture Local Forever, he not only helps others to survive in the market; but it will also help him to grow in the country and eventually globally.

The journey wasn't an easy one for Jiten. He faced hardships, challenges and doubts. But despite all this, he never stopped thinking positive. Thakkar believes that nothing is impossible and self-motivation helps a person a lot. He believes that if one is confident in the work they do, nothing can stop them.

About the challenges he faced and how he dealt with them, Jiten Thakkar shares, "The original challenges included partnering with local sources, making a fully-featured platform ready to launch in a short span of time along with a workable pricing strategy. Our innovative model enables businesses to enrol in monthly subscriptions plans without any upfront deposit. This is done to ensure that small businesses regain their momentum in a short span of time."

Jiten Thakkar is a successful entrepreneur today. It is his determination, focus and optimism that helped him reach this stage in career. Proper planning and strategies are also important. The Local Forever founder has a crucial message for all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there. Jiten says, "My top advice for someone looking to start their own business or expand their existing business is to take “ACT NOW”. The thought should be to move away from the planning and start executing their idea instead of waiting for the right time or focussing on perfection. No Idea unless implemented, is successful."

Local Forever is currently serving individuals and brands in 4 countries India, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom & Australia & plans are to expand in more countries as well as introduce other digital marketing & management applications on the platform. Jiten Thakkar believes anyone with true passion and right intent can succeed at everything they act upon.

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