All millennials and young families should be treated with a high level of dignity and respect no matter how much they spend. At Goodly & Associates, we treat the family with $100 in the bank the same as the mogul with $10M in the bank, because we believe everyone should have an equal chance at the American Dream.  Goodly & Associates was founded with the purpose of “advocating for consumers of all classes with the intent to help them reach their goals sooner with our partnership than they would trying to achieve them alone.”

Our proven blueprint empowers our clients from our own experience, so they can enjoy the same life we created for ourselves and our past clients.  Most consumers don’t know that there are over 300+ pieces of criteria that anyone who is reporting on them has to adhere to. Our job is to ensure that they comply with each of those rights under the FCRA. If they don’t, we come in to hold them accountable and leverage those violations for account removals. When these rights are violated, the law is on your side, and we use it to ensure you reach your goals. With this strategy alongside our credit rebuilding formula, our clients reach their goals a lot faster. 

We offer clients a variety of financial services:

  1. Consumer credit repair (This includes disputing and coaching for credit building)
  2. Budgeting (A budget is a foundation for establishing strong credit. We offer this service to our clients to help them develop good money habits moving forward)
  3. Financial planning (Our background is in financial advising. We offer life insurance and annuity products to clients that have an interest in estate planning and retirement planning)
  4. Tax preparation
  5. Business credit consulting (Our credit consultation helps clients build their business credit file to potentially qualify for loans and other funding)
  6. Student loan services (This service assists the client in rehabbing, consolidating, and putting their student loans on income-based payment plans. It also includes disputing of derogatory student loans to potentially get them deleted or have the late payments reversed)

Learn more about Goodly & Associates products and services at or call 337-245-0140.