Hrithik Roshan Fans Slam Kangana Ranaut on Twitter After She Viciously Troll the Super 30 Star - Read Tweets
Kangana Ranaut; Hrithik Roshan (photo credits: Instagram)

One thing is for sure - Kangana Ranaut is making everything sure that Manikarnika will have an upper edge on January 25, when it will release. Even if it means pushing Hrithik Roshan's Super 30 out of competition. After Super 30 director Vikash Bahl's sexual misconduct allegations were revisited in the recent #MeToo movement in India, Kangana called him a creep in a statement and said Vikas used to boast about having casual girls, even though he was married. Has Kangana Ranaut Opened Up About Vikas Bahl Sexual Allegations to Avoid Manikarnika-Super 30 Clash? Twitterati Feels So!

With Hrithik Roshan and the Super 30 team planning to drop Vikas Bahl's name from the promotions and perhaps from the credits too, Kangana has now targetted the lead actor himself in his new statement. She had said, "Whatever is happening with Vikas Bahl is absolutely correct. There are many people like Vikas Bahl he is not the only one. We still have a lot of work to do it so we should not start the celebrations as yet.  We have a long way to go. We have to make this place absolutely safe for the woman. There are men who make false promises of love and marriage to a girl to get them into a relationship that is also a type of harassment. There are married men keep their wives as trophies and keep young girls as their mistresses like Hrithik. Nobody should work with such people. They should be boycotted”

Do remember that Kangana Ranaut had earlier alleged that Hrithik Roshan used to date her and he tried to sabotage her career out of spite, allegations that Hrithik denied on a channel.

Now Hrithik fans have taken it to Twitter to slam the actress for her latest statement. Check out some of the tweets below -

We are sure the days ahead, the war between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan is going to be bigger and bitter. We are also wondering how Hrithik Roshan's PR will retaliate to these accusations.