Is Taimur Ali Khan’s Doll That of a ‘Islamic Fanatical Monster’? This Tweet by a RW Activist Is Getting a Lot of Hate for the Right Reasons!
Taimur doll (photo credits: Twitter)

We are living in a world where a doll is made of a two-year-old toddler just because he is the son of two popular superstars and his parents are quite cool about it. We are also living in a dark world where that same innocent child has got so much hate and death curses mere days after he was born, only because of his name (something he had no control over). And now Taimur's doll, something he has never authorised and something his parents Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor should have sent a legal notice against the toymakers, is now the target of an hate-spewing tweet. Obsessed With Taimur Ali Khan? Here's How You Can Keep Him With You Forever: Fun Deets Inside!

As you know, when Taimur was named so, it created a lot of furore because the name sounded to that of an infamous Turkish ruler, whose tyrannical rule resulted in the deaths of millions. Now a tweet by Shafali Vaidya, a columnist for a right-wing magazine, Swarajya, is causing quite an uproar. In her tweet, she wrote about Taimur's doll, which she claims is all about whitewashing an 'Islamic fanatical monster who slaughtered millions, raped women and children and built towers from their skulls for entertainment'. Sara Ali Khan on Paparazzi Frenzy around Brother Taimur: I Don’t Think There Is Anything Anybody Can Really Do about It.

Check out her tweet-

Sadistic? Remember this doll, however unnecessary its existence is, is of a little kid who has no clue such venom is being spread in his name. However, the tweet is being trolled by others for what it is - a hate-spewer. Check out the reactions below -

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Dear readers, do you agree that this hatred against the doll of a toddler was totally unwarranted for? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Wonder what Kareena and Saif have to say about this!