Karan Johar on Pursuing Love: My Big Problem in Finding a Partner is You Land up Intimidating People or You Feel Like There’s an Agenda
Filmmaker Karan Johar. (Pic Credits: Twitter@KaranJohar)

Karan Johar's personality or should we say the way he conducts himself as changed drastically in the past few years. The once upon a shy filmmaker is now one of the most fearless and courageous ones in the industry. He has evolved through time and the only thing that has helped him be a better version of himself is the fact that he has stopped caring what others think. His mentality or syntax has changed tremendously from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Takht. He's aware that he can't please everyone in the society and there's no need for him to be Mr Perfect or everyone's favourite. The filmmaker who avoided discussing his personal life is now quite vocal about how coy he gets when he's in bed. Karan Johar Lists Down the A-Z of Fashion and Its Going to Surprise the Hell Outta You! - Watch Video.

Similarly, the actor has no qualms in discussing the fears he has while finding a life partner for him. In his recent conversation with the Open magazine, when K Jo (a name he hates) was asked if he'd seriously pursue love this year, quite genuinely he said, "My big problem in finding a partner is you land up intimidating people or you feel like there’s an agenda. But even that thought borders on self-importance, which I don’t like to believe. If you have a partner who hits the right notes with you, it’s great. But if you don’t hit the right notes, then silence, solitude, single- dom is sometimes a preferred option."

Going ahead he also revealed how the pain and trauma of a relationship are great therapy. "Let me tell you the trauma, trials, tribulations, the pains of a relationship are great therapy. There’s drama, and it’s all very good. But in the larger scheme of things, when it starts burdening you, then you realise you’d rather be without it. I’m a firm believer of when it has to happen, it’ll happen." Karan Johar Had a Meltdown and Zoya Akhtar Reveals Deets About This Funny Episode.

The filmmaker is, of course, a proud father of two darling children yet he feels lonely at times. He even insists on how nobody in the industry knows the real him. And he prefers it like that.