#MeToo Shocks Bollywood! Mallika Dua Joins TV Writer in Accusing the 'Most Sanskari Babuji' of Rape
Vinta Nanda reveals shocking details of being raped by Bollywood's 'sanskari' actor (Photo Credit: Twitter/ Instagram)

Yet another name has cropped up from the Hindi film industry as accusations against sexual offenders continue to make it to the headlines. And mind you, this one is the most shocking of them all! A creative writer and television producer has accused the 'most sanskari' actor of Bollywood and the television industry of not only sexually harassing her but also raping and brutalising at her own residence. In a long post shared on Facebook, the writer of a popular 90s serial shared chilling details about how this "sanskari" actor of Bollywood tortured her and forced himself upon her. Kangana Ranaut's Queen Co-Star Nayani Dixit Recounts a Shocking Incident When Vikas Bahl Asked Her To Share A Room With Him.

The shocking incident took back around 20 years back when she was writing for the popular TV show. In a series of tweets, journalist Shephali Bhatt and comedian Mallika Dua have shared Writer's Facebook post which narrates the horrific story that will leave you shell-shocked!

There is only one person who is referred to as 'sanskari' in Bollywood and that is Alok Nath. While his name hasn't been anywhere mentioned in any of these posts, we wonder if Vinta is hinting at him. It is shocking and utterly disappointing to see women reveal such encounters they have had in the industry and the worst part is, all this while, they couldn't speak up. Now that Tanushree Dutta has raised her voice against Nana Patekar and Vivek Agnihotri, more actors have come forward to report sexual offenders. We sincerely hope that the survivors get justice and the criminals get strict punishment.