Jason Shah, recently seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazar, has bravely shared his struggle with sex addiction, shedding light on his journey from addiction to spiritual awakening. In a recent interview with the YouTube channel Shaardulogy, Jason discussed his battles with various forms of addiction, including alcohol, smoking, and sex, and how a profound spiritual transformation helped him overcome these challenges. Jason's journey to recovery was not straightforward. He revealed that overcoming these addictions required significant personal effort and faith. 'Mirzapur 3': Neha Sargam aka Saloni Bhabhi's XXX-Tra Hot Kissing and Lovemaking Scene With Vijay Varma Goes Viral (Watch Leaked Video).

Reflecting on his past, Jason admitted, “It was alcohol. I was smoking about two and a half packs a day. I can say I was addicted to women. It was a sex addiction which was very difficult for me. I think it was one of the bigger ones to leave.” He described sex addiction as particularly formidable, noting that it was one of the hardest habits to break. “God is so good and his grace is so sufficient for me that his love just overrode everything,” Jason shared, highlighting how his spiritual beliefs played a crucial role in his healing process. He emphasised the difficulty of saying no and the importance of reflection over impulsive decisions. “It’s not easy, it is tough because you have to say no. There’s that funda that if it feels good, do it. But I have realised that that is probably the worst advice that you could give anybody. From my life, I would say, my worst decisions were made when it felt good. What I say now is, if it feels good, think about it,” he said.

A pivotal moment in Jason's recovery came after New Year’s Eve in 2021 when he witnessed a girl leaving a friend’s house and felt overwhelming shame and guilt. This incident spurred a deep emotional reckoning, leading him to realise that his previous lifestyle was hollow. “I was at a friend’s house and I saw a girl leaving, as always. I felt bad about hurting her. I was actually feeling a lot of shame, and a lot of guilt and what that did to me was make me feel very empty,” he recalled. This experience catalysed a spiritual journey for Jason, shifting his focus from fleeting external achievements like fame and wealth to a search for deeper meaning and intrinsic values. He reflected, “I started to believe that there was more purpose to life than the life that I had been living up till then and that’s where I realised that fame, money don’t matter because they are there for a moment and then they are gone.” Shekhar Suman Talks About His Oral Sex Scene With Manisha Koirala In Heeramandi, Says 'Did In 1 Take'.

Jason Shah Talks About His Sex Addiction

Jason’s newfound perspective has also influenced his personal life. He expressed a strong belief that his current partner might be the one for him, revealing their decision to abstain from sex until marriage. “Now it’s no sex before marriage and things like that which is a massive…” he explained, adding, “As soon as you have those kind of sexual relations with a woman, what happens is you both become emotionally involved with each other where logic then gets thrown out of the window and you are basing your entire relationship off of emotions and as I said feelings are dangerous. Emotions are feelings and it can get very difficult.”

Through this candid conversation, Jason Shah not only opened up about his past but also illustrated how he has found strength and clarity through spiritual growth and personal reflection.

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