Has Aamir Khan Not Helped Dangal Team Member Sajith Koyeri? Sound Designer States Only Half Truth In His Cries!
Aamir Khan, Sajith Koyeri. (photo credits: Facebook)

Let's track the events from the beginning. A certain tabloid carried a story involving sound designer Sajith Koyeri of Aamir Khan's popular and successful film Dangal, stating that the man was left unattended by the doctors and staff of Bandra's Lilavati hospital after suffering a stroke. After this sorry occurrence, the report further stated that the family members of Sajith, contacted Aamir Khan, who had him shifted to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Andheri where he received medical assistance.

Slamming the report, Sajith now tweets to give his side of the story. He clearly mentions that he is completely satisfied with his treatment at Lilavati Hospital but for his further treatment he had to be shifted to Kokilaben.

Well, Sajith has tweeted this clarification so that the said hospital should not get a bad rap as this story involves big star such as like Aamir Khan. This will reflect poorly on Sajith's part where could be mistakenly seen as someone who is endorsing one hospital and bad mouthing the other. But the reason why this incident has become 'news' is that it has one of India's biggest star involved in it. Did Aamir help Sajith or did he not is the question! Why has Sajith failed to clarify that? All he had to say is this: “Those friendships and what we do for each other are extremely personal and private.”

Frankly, take Aamir Khan out of this story and it has no relevance to anyone whatsoever. Aamir might have extended a helping hand in these matters in terms of monetary support or with his advice, but Sajith does not feel the need to mention that in any way. In fact, his tweets have only heightened the curiosity about Aamir's role in the same. Sajith's response to the reports is only going to gain more proportion and publicity as it lacks the much-needed clarity.