Avengers 4: Fans ‘Look Hard’ for the Upcoming Film’s Title in the Cryptic Tweet by Directors

If anything that is keeping many of us going through the mundane second half of 2018, is the hope to watch Avengers 4 in 2019. The movie is going through some intense re-shoots right now, with director duo Russo Bros in charge. Well, so far we don't even know the title of the upcoming sequel to Avengers: Infinity War. So, learning about any other detail - like, is Thanos going to be taught a lesson in humanity or not - is a far-fetched dream. But, if all that was happening around Avengers 4 was not confusing enough, the director duo shared a very cryptic picture on their Twitter and captioned it, "Look Hard". Hysteria unleashed amongst fans. Avengers: Infinity War to Re-Release in India – Details Inside.

Well, the cryptic picture is sort of simple. We see, Joe Russo sitting on his chair, with a laptop, on the sets of something. The 'Look Hard' caption spoke really strongly to the fans and the theories started pouring in. Reading all of them makes you feel like this is the exact reason why Twitter was invented. Most fans were obsessed with finding out the next movie's title. Check out some of our favourite fan reactions to the picture by Russo Bros. Avengers 4: This Pic of an 'Injured' Jeremy Renner is Making Us Worried About Hawkeye's Fate.

The four A's

If the four A's was not plausible enough, here is a throwback to the previous films

The directors have already hinted that the movie won't be titled End Game. For the last time.

And there were lots of jokes. Lots. Insane amount of jokes.

Guys, stop. Can we take this seriously?

Homer Simpson in Avengers sounds like a cool crossover, but what are the chances...not even 1 in 14,000,605.

So, you know what guys, I am just gonna call Russo Bros the worst thing to happen to humanity after Thanos. I mean who teases their fans like this? Insane.