Avengers 4: 'It’s Only Going to Get Worse,' Elizabeth Olsen’s Cryptic Spoiler Will Get You Worried
Elizabeth Olsen in Avengers: Infinity War

We are still months away from the release of Avengers 4 (we don't even know the title of the film, as of now). Which also means we are still months away from knowing the fate of our beloved characters who perished in Avengers: Infinity War. However, speculations were rife that all the characters will be brought back to life in the fourth Avengers. But all you conspiracy theorists, wait till you hear what MCU actress Elizabeth Olsen has got to say about the upcoming film.

Elizabeth, who plays the powerful Scarlett Witch in the MCU, was at the ACE Comic Con in Chicago with Tom Hiddleston when she dropped a bomb. As per reports, at one point during the conversation, Elizabeth said that “it’s only going to get worse” in Avengers 4. It is unclear whether she meant that for her character or the entire team of Avengers. This makes me think what could possibly be worse than having half of the universe's population disintegrating into ash? Avengers realise that Thanos had a point all along and start enjoying the less crowded universe? Yea, that would absolutely be worse.

If Elizabeth means that things are going to get worse for her character in Avengers 4, then that is a major spoiler. Because, then, we'd know that her character is, in fact, returning in the fourth part. MCU actors have got to stop dropping spoilers so randomly. 

For now, the only concrete update that we have is that the shooting of Avengers 4 has wrapped up. The announcement was made by Russo Bros on their joint Twitter handle. They a shared another cryptic image, which fans failed to decode the meaning of.