Aziz Ansari Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations in His New Netflix Special Right Now, Says 'I’ve Felt Embarrassed'
Aziz Ansari addresses sexual misconduct allegations in Netflix special. (Photo Credits: ANI)

Aziz Ansari recently released his new Netflix special, Right Now. What's interesting is that minutes into the comedy special, the actor addresses the MeToo allegations that surfaced against him last year. The allegations against him were posted on a website by a 23-year-old woman who alleged that the two met at a party and went back to the actor’s apartment that night, where Ansari initiated a sexual encounter. According to the woman, she felt pressured to continue their activity despite giving “verbal and non-verbal cues to indicate how uncomfortable and distressed she was.”

Addressing this allegation in his recent comedy special, the comedian said, "There are times I’ve felt scared, there’s times I’ve felt humiliated, there’s times I’ve felt embarrassed, but ultimately I just felt terrible that this person felt this way.”

He further says, “After a year or so, I just hope it was a step forward. It moved things forward for me, made me think about it a lot, I hope I’ve become a better person.”

Ansari's latest speech did not find any mention in Ansari’s show in December when he was on tour and it is commendable that the Parks and Recreation star decided to finally address it this time. Through his new special it seemed that Aziz wanted to show that he is a changed man. In his special, he even recalls a conversation he had with a friend, who told him the incident made them reflect on every date they’d been on to which he says, “I thought, ‘Wow. Well, that’s pretty incredible. It’s made not just me but other people be more thoughtful, and that’s a good thing,’” he said.