Brain Kirk on Chadwick Boseman's 21 Bridges: ‘Wanted to Bring Significant Moral and Emotional Substance to the Film’
Chadwick Boseman in 21 Bridges. (Photo Credits: File Image)

21 Bridges which is produced by The Russo Brothers are all set to release in India on 22nd November 2019. The movie stars Chadwick Boseman in the lead. Joe Russo points out, 21 BRIDGES fits very well in his and Anthony’s creative wheelhouse. “We grew up on genre films, especially elevated genre pictures with a particularly sophisticated execution of that type of material. Brian Kirk was someone at the top of our list of artists we wanted to work with. He understands the film’s themes and twists and turns, as well as the social potency of some of the issues it examines.” Joe explains. 21 Bridges Director Brian Kirk Says He Has an Abiding Fascination With Manhunt Movies.

“We wanted to bring significant moral and emotional substance to the film,” Brain Kirk adds, the director of the film. “It’s more layered than a simple ‘good versus evil’ story. Andre ultimately wants to save his prey, Michael, played by Stephan James, and their respective journeys are toward connection and interdependence. That was a fascinating and incredibly strong core element to explore.” 21 Bridges: Chadwick Boseman Reveals Why the Concept of Locking Down Manhattan Was Compelling.

Malcolm Gray co-producer of the film says “We wanted the cops and bad guys to be equally compelling, to the point where you may actually be rooting for the two gunmen to escape, as much as you are for Andre to capture them. All the characters are flawed and human, and because of their circumstances, they are forced to examine their own morality.”