Evangeline Lilly's Comments on Coronavirus Pandemic May Cost her the Co-Lead Role in Ant-Man 3
Evangeline Lilly with Paul Rudd in Ant-Man and the Wasp (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Evangeline Lilly is having a tough time these days. The Avengers: Endgame actress was slammed on Twitter for her views on the current coronavirus outbreak in the world and her refusal to self-quarantine. The actress had earlier commented on how she values her freedom over anything else and that COVID-19 is a mere respiratory flu. While MCU fans have already started voicing their anger and suggesting Marvel drop her from the upcoming Ant-Man sequel, chances are it might just happen. Well, not completely but partially.

As per fresh reports in We Got This Covered, Marvel is considering to drop Lilly as the co-lead from Ant-Man 3. Though the storyline may need some additional working courtesy this last-minute changes, now it is likely to revolve around Emma Fuhrmann’s Cassie Lang, daughter of Paul Rudd’s Scott. It will revolve around the father-daughter relationship and focus on Cassie becoming Stature, her superhero alter ego with Scott as her mentor. Game of Thrones Actress Sophie Turner Takes a Dig at Evangeline Lilly for her Coronavirus Comments.

Earlier the concept was to reunite Hope and Scott for yet another globetrotting mission, similar on the lines of a James Bond movie. However, Lilly's stand on COVID-19 outbreak has certainly upset the studio and they have decided to merely oblige their previous contract.

The actress had also slammed the government for abusing its power by asking the residents to stay indoors. Game of Thrones actress, Sophie Turner had then slammed her for her views.