Pakistani Film Kaaf Kangana's Trailer Trolled Mercilessly With Funny Memes and Jokes For Absurd Anti-India Stand
A still from Kaaf Kangana Trailer (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Internet just discovered the trailer of Pakistani movie Kaaf Kangana and it cannot have enough of it. The makers claim it to be a romantic film which stars Sami Khan, Eshal Fayyaz, Ayesha Omer in the lead roles. Produced, written and directed by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, the film's trailer has left Twitterati fall short of memes! The netizens are confused as to whether this movie is a spoof or actually a movie! Pakistan Stoops to New Low! Distasteful Viral Video Against India Featuring Children Slammed By Netizens.

The trailer video has the love story of a Pakistani boy who falls in love with an Indian girl. There is also a glimpse of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech. As if all this 'Indian' reference was less, they also have the 'Kashmir' issue highlighted over here. However, nothing could beat the OTT scenes and dialogue delivery by the actors. The social media users are busy trolling this trailer with the choicest of memes and tweets! Here check it out.

Watch Trailer Here:

And The Memes Here!



Phoebe Did It Better

Akki Memes Are a Must

Meme Legend!

Tripathi Ji Asks a Question

Umm, What?

'Hungama' Ho Gaya!

Jethalisa is Petrified

Never Gets Old

The flick is slated to release on 25 October 2019. Well, the fans were surely not ready to watch this video but it has made the day for many of them. We wonder whether the makers of the film have slightest of a clue as to how the trailer is being received by the 'fans.' Stay tuned with us for more updates from TV and Bollywood industry.