Pakistan Stoops to New Low! Distasteful Viral Video Against India Featuring Children Slammed By Netizens
Distasteful Viral Video Against India Featuring Children Slammed By Netizens (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Pakistan stooped to another low for promoting its heinous propaganda against India. A bizarre video showing Pakistan’s malicious intention has surfaced on social media. The distasteful video featuring Pakistani children is promoting the nefarious propaganda of the Imran Khan government. The video doing rounds on social media was slammed by twitterati. The video was made to invite Pakistanis to participate in Azadi-e-Kashmir march against India's move to abrogate article 370 in Kashmir.

In the video, children can be seen speaking against India. One of the children said that she would go on a vacation to Shimla in 2020. While another child threatened to kill people of Rashtriya Sawayamsevak Sangh (RSS) once “Hind becomes Pakistan”. A child in the video also spoke about making Urdu compulsory in India from 2020. Virat Kohli and Babar Azam Open For Pakistan in This Distasteful Viral Video, Indian Fans Give Befitting Reply.

Here Are Some of The Reactions Against Video:


"They Expose themselves"

“This is yet another brainwashed generation of Pakistani children dreaming of conquering India.”

“Future of Pakistan is not too difficult to predict.”

“Children are truly the future of propaganda.”

"Desperation of Pakistan knows no bounds. ISPR and its loonies at their worst."

"Saddened to see the Brainwashing of these poor souls."

"Saddening to see that at the age when the children should be answering on their career goal and dreams they are used as propaganda by Pakistan."

Last month, a similar video surfaced on social media.  a Pakistani video to celebrate the country’s Defence Day (September 6) showed Virat Kohli opening for Pakistan with Babar Azam in a 2025 T20I match against England in World Cup final held at Srinagar cricket stadium. The video shows a family watching the match on TV when the commentator Virat Kohli is opening the batting with Babar Azam. An elderly man then explains children sitting with him, saying, "Virat Kohli used to play for India" with a wicked smile. One of the kids looks confused and says, "Kaun India?

Relations of India and Pakistan have hit rock bottom after the Pulawam attack in February this year killing 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel. The relations became even worse after the Narendra Modi government scrapped the special status of Jammu and Kashmir by diluting the Article 370.