UK-based musician K Zie (Shehbaz) is set to release a new single. Titled ‘Come My Way’, the rap number also features international chart-topping rapper, Roach Killa.

Sharing how the song came about, K Zie says that Sumneet (music producer; known for the international hit, ‘Mashallah’ by Ranvneet Singh) reached out to him for the project, as he was a fan of one of his famous singles, ‘One In A Million’. After a long conversation, he sent Sumneet an idea that he liked and Sumneet then sent over a beat to him in reciprocation. He loved it and that went on to become the ‘Come My Way’ beat.

The party number will release on July 10 and it’s sure to become the summer anthem of the year. The music video features the story of a girl, who has caught K Zie and Roach Killa's eyes and they want to know her name. The music video apparently features famous Tiktoker, Nishi.

Interestingly, the rap sections were written by Roach Killa and K Zie penned his own parts. Ask him how long it took for the song to materialise, and K Zie says, “We wrote the whole song in an hour. I clearly remember Roach and I just turning to each other and saying, ‘I think we got one.’ The song was also recorded in a few hours. However, we had to wait for nearly eight months to record the video due to the pandemic.”