Tik Tik Tik Movie Reviews: Jayam Ravi and Nivetha Pethuraj's Space Romp Is An Ambitious, Entertaining Fare, Claim Critics
Tik Tik TIk poster

So after much delay, Jayam Ravi's Tik Tik Tik has finally released and going by the reviews, it looks like he has a winner in hand. Tik Tik Tik had caught our attention thanks to its intriguing premise and interesting promos. Touted as India's first space adventure movie, Tik Tik Tik is the second collaboration of Jayam Ravi with director Shakti Soundar Rajan. Their previous venture, Miruthan, was also unique in the sense that it was the first zombie thriller in Tamil cinema.

Tik Tik Tik also stars Nivetha Pethuraj, Aaron Aziz, Arjunan, Jayaprakash, Vincent Ashokan and Ramesh Thilak. For a space movie made in India, the VFX shown in the trailer felt decent. Tik Tik Tik's premise is about how an asteroid is about to strike Tamil Nadu and how the government has only seven days to stop it. For that, they need to steal a missile from the Chinese and recruit an escape artist, played by Jayam Ravi.

The movie has opened to favourable reviews, with critics praising the performances, especially that of Ravi's, and the thriller aspect. Check out what the critics are saying about the movie -

The Times of India says - "Tipped as a first-of-its-kind space film of the country, Tik Tik Tik offers a new experience for Tamil audience. Though there are shots where you feel the CG could have been done better, the crew has done a decent job considering the budget and time. The screenplay, however, is quite predictable and the challenges which the protagonists face and how they overcome it aren't convincing at certain places. The lack of a strong antagonist, too, dilutes the tension which is built often. Over all, the movie is a good attempt and watchable for those who love watching something new in Tamil cinema."

Sify says - "Technically Tik Tik Tik shines with breathtaking visuals from Venkatesh and intriguing background score from Imman, (Title song is awesome) as pointed out earlier, the production design and VFX works are top notch. Overall, for an Indian space film, Tik Tik Tik is a laudable attempt and a definite must-watch. Go in with patience and an open mind."

Behindwoods says - "Jayam Ravi does an impeccable job carrying the film on his shoulders. Ramesh Thilak and Arjunan try to provide the occasional comic relief while Nivetha Pethuraj lightens up the screen with her glam quotient in the initial phase of the film and she fulfilled the requirements of the character with an apt performance."

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