Bepannah Maha-Episode Written Episode Update, May 21, 2018: Zoya And Aditya Face a New Enemy Rajveer Who Promises to Expose Everyone's Secrets
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Bepannah starts with Aditya(Harshad Chopda) clearing Yash's mother's confusion by saying he was here to give a pen drive to Mahi and Zoya(Jennifer Winget) as both of their phones were switched off. Later as he is walking away Yash's mother notices the photo of Yash and Zoya on the floor. He says sorry and picks it up, but she forbids him from touching it. She asks him to leave. She later tells Zoya that this was the last frame of Yash and Zoya while it could have broken. Later Zoya follows Aditya out and scolds him for disrespecting Yash in front of his mother. Aditya makes it clear about how much risk he took to save Zoya and the company.

Aditya entered through the kitchen and saved the day. Zoya asks Aditya not to disrespect Yash in front of Yash's mother. Aditya is irritated about how Zoya is still defending Yash and walks away saying he cares no more about what happens to the company. Zoya and Mahi later talk about how Aditya refused to help them anymore. Mahi says that Aditya will not do that and he will be okay tomorrow. Anjana takes Sakshi to task for selling Pooja's bangles without telling Aditya. Anjana accuses Sakshi of betraying the family and Aditya as Pooja did. Aditya walks in right then and stops his mother.

Anjana then shows Aditya the receipt and asks Sakshi to explain why she needed that big an amount. Aditya turns to Sakshi with the bill. At the dinner table, Yash's mother is still angry, and Zoya tries to convince her. She though warns Zoya against doing anything to break the trust she has made on Zoya finally. Zoya is happy that finally she has been accepted into the family. Mahi reminds her that they are doing a drama and if her mom finds out she will be broken. Sakshi cries as she says that she did not sell the bangles just kept it on pawn. Aditya stops his mother from further insulting Sakshi and tells his mother that they should be ashamed that Sakshi has not been able to trust any of them with her problems till now. Aditya tells Sakshi that she should have told him and he calms her down as Arjun also stands by her rock solid.

Anjana is amazed when Aditya hands over his credit card to Sakshi. Anjana warns Aditya against trusting without questions once again. Aditya asks her to keep out of it as Sakshi has every right to do whatever with the jewellery which belongs to Pooja, her daughter. Arjun reaches the office, and Noor is in the cabin. Arjun makes Noor go away for a while as Chirag keeps her busy while Arjun starts the show. Arjun has his face all painted as Noor steps in again. Arjun says that he has applied a face pack. Arjun then asks Noor to get friendly with "Arjun" to become his intern. Next day in office Zoya is worried that Aditya will not come in. Zoya keeps trying Aditya's number in vain. Mahi decides that she should try and lo presto Aditya picks her call.

Mahi is elated and asks Aditya to come to the office. Aditya says he will not as he told byes to Zoya. Aditya hangs up, and the employees wonder if they should make the presentation themselves. Harsh is looking for the torn papers from the diary, and now he doubts Sakshi as he wonders if she is hiding something. Kanti Virani sits down for the presentation as Zoya makes the presentation. Everyone likes her idea, but Kanti is not for the idea of Zoya making the presentation. He asks for Aditya and Mahi says that Aditya is unwell. Kanti is stuck on meeting Aditya and says that he will not divulge from his own principles. Kanti's younger son interrupts and tries handling the situation with his father's craze for cricket. He says that Aditya has planned a cricket match between Zosh events and Viranis.

Now Zoya is in a bigger mess as the younger son says that this was the chance he could get for Zosh and he got it. They have time till 4, and by then they have to arrange the event. Mahi tries calling Aditya. Kalpesh talks to someone and says that he will make sure the event goes to Zosh. Zoya decides to say sorry to Aditya. Noor now has the big job convincing Arjun. As Zoya enters Aditya's house, someone clicks her pictures. Aditya tells Arjun that he is not going out anywhere until he gets the flying licence. Arjun is searching for imported perfume, and Aditya wonders what is up. Aditya steals Arjun's phone and calls Chocomathi, but before he can speak, he is informed that Zoya is in.

Aditya walks down but asks Zoya to wait as he is busy. Aditya loiters around even as Zoya tries speaking to him. Aditya goes off to sleep, and Zoya bangs on his door. She then enters his room forcefully. Zoya tries saying sorry, but Aditya will not get convinced as he thinks she does not mean any of it. Zoya promises to do anything to say sorry. Mahi there accuses Zoya of all of this and Sagarika hears this. Sagarika takes stand for Zoya and asks Mahi to keep out of Zoya and Aditya's business. Zoya meets Anjana in the house, and Anjana lashes out at Zoya for walking into the house again and again. Anjana accuses Zoya of being the cause of all Aditya's troubles.

Aditya surprisingly takes a stand for Zoya and accuses his mother of being overdramatic. Zoya stops Aditya from insulting his mother, but Anjana asks Zoya to stay out of it. Kalpesh is speaking to someone called Rajveer as he is inviting him for the match. Rajveer says that he is the winner of this game. Rajveer promises to open up everyone's cards. Mahi is shocked to see Aditya arrive with Zoya. Aditya flirts with Zoya in front of everyone, and this irritates Zoya. Zoya remembers Aditya's condition which is to make her bow to him and praise him every 5mins in her Urdu. Zoya now starts with praising the game. Sagarika enjoys the romance between the duo as Mahi gets more and more irritated.

Sagarika asks Zoya why they fought and Zoya remembers when she fought with Yash who wanted to take her for a date camping, and she said she does not want to as she hates too camping. Aditya remembers the same instance with Pooja and Sagarika explains that it is necessary to be careful about each other's likes in a marriage as they need to understand and be open or one of them would end up frustrated. Aditya and Zoya remember what happened with their spouses. Now Sagarika asks the duo to hug and make up as both of them feel uncomfortable.