Bigg Boss fans must fasten their seat-belts for this unusual and unexpected ride. As Romil wins in the captaincy task, Shiv gets sidelined. But the forthcoming episode will witness Shiv finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that everybody must listen to Romil's orders. Shiv's behaviour looks unacceptable and his rudeness comes with a big price tag! Bigg Boss declares that everybody gets nominated for the next round of elimination thanks to the kind of behaviour Shiv has show, which is highly unacceptable!

Ladies and Gentleman, Take a bow as you witness the new captain of the house wearing the hat of the capatian! Shiv loses the captaincy task oh so badly, and that makes Romil a clear winner. Megha Dhade gives her unconditional support to her candidate. Romil is declared the winner ultimately. Sreesanth continues to be his dramebaaz self. He calls everybody an actor and actress and the entire show a commotion or tamasha.  We fail to get if Sreesnath hates the show so much, what the hell is he doing inside the house? 

Sreesanth is at it again! Even if Romil and Shiv are trying their best to win the captaincy task, Sreesanth is playing an unfair game here! He is even intrested in the kitchen politics. So when Deepika was seen cooking halwa and Ranvir eating the same, Sreesath is quick to express his disgust. He calls it a torture. When other contestants try to explain to him the nature of the task, Sree quickly locks himself up in the washroom and starts howling like crazy. Son he is taken out. Cameras capture a crying Sreesanth doing all the usual drama he is known for. Is he ever going to learn from his mistakes, we wonder!

Sreesanth is clearly unfit for any game. Now even if Bigg Boss has chosen two contestants Romil and Shiv to battle it out for a task, Sreesanth interferes with his nosey personality. He even tries to play on words to look down upon Deepak. He even questions Deepak's 'Aukaat', When Deepak retaliates Srresanth cliams that he used that word in general. Sreesanth then calls Deepak a total lukkha!

Marathi Bigg Boss winner Megha Dhade is furious as Bigg Boss assigns a task to all the contestants. The two teams have to come up with a show that should fetch entertainment and TRP's in equal measures. In the assigned task Romil tries to grill Megha and he tries to push his luck further. Megha is quick to react. She maintains that she is a winner and should be treated like one!

So far we have seen Srresanth acting like a cry baby! But now Surabhi apes Sreesanth. While today's episode started on a happy note as all the inmates were seen dancing as they got up from their beds. It was Surabhi who gave us a big shock when she started crying. She even demanded that she must be taken out of the glass walled house. All inmates gather around Surabhi and try to console her but she is hard to pacify!

Bigg Boss 12 has arrived at a crucial juncture where all the drama in the house is reaching its peak. And now we are eager to see how Romil and Shiv Bhatt battle it out for the captaincy task. Their antics will reach a whole new level as Bigg Boss imitates will try every possible trick to break the spirit of these strong contestants. Will the two stand the test of these tasks. This episode is

Salman Khan's reality show has gained the momentum. The teams have been made and the favourites have been chosen. Dipika Kakar, Deepak Thakur, Romil, Shiv, Surbhi, Srishty Rode are some of the most controversial figures seen in the show right now. The upcoming episode is all about strategies and game plans against each other.  Stay tuned to know what happens in the episode.