Bigg Boss 12: Romil Chaudhary And Somi Khan's Friendship Is Definitely One Of The Highlights Of This Season
Somi and Romil are serving friendship goals on Bigg Boss 12

Relationships change inside the Bigg Boss house with every passing day. Two people who are friends on one day might just turn against one another the very next day. In a house like that, friendships are put to test. Some break, while some manage to stand tall. This season too, we have seen quite a few arguments even between the best of friends. Sreesanth and Karanvir Bohra were so close during the initial days of Bigg Boss 12, but look at them today. They can't see eye to eye. And on the other hand, we have the friendship between Somi Khan and Romil Chaudhary. Of course, they too have seen many ups and downs in their bond, but despite all of those, they can't stay away from each other and are seen supporting one another during the good and bad times.

In a recent promo (which is very cute, we have to admit) dropped by the makers of Bigg Boss 12, we see that Romil and Somi get into another argument. This is not the cute bit. The part where Somi goes up to Romil to talk to him and make him understand her point of view is. Bigg Boss 12: Karanvir Bohra's Daughters Are Entering The House And We Can't Wait To See His Reaction On Seeing Them.

Well, we won't let our words spoil this adorable video for you. Watch it right here:


As you saw, Somi said something to Romil, which hurt him. But she realised her mistake and went to apologise to him. Somi tells him that when two people get along really well, they do get protective of each other, just like she is of him. But Romil is deeply hurt and asks her to hang out with her other friends like Deepak Thakur and Surbhi Rana. Well, we hope they sort their differences out soon. After all their bond is definitely one of the highlights of Bigg Boss 12. Romil and Somi are surely serving some friendship goals on the show. We can totally imagine these two performing together on a cute song at the finale of Bigg Boss 12, which btw is scheduled to take place on December 30.