Shefali Bagga dragging Mahira Sharma in her Pras Chhabra interview irks Mahira and on finding out that Paras shook hands with Shefali, gets her worked up. Paras and Mahira solve things before the night ends.  

Shefali Bagga quizzes Devoleena Bhattacharjee and tells her that the latter's personality is unclear in the house. The ladies manage to have a civil interview as compared to the previous two conversations.

Shefali Bagga complains to Bigg Boss that the task and how the interviewee is taking the task will hamper her professional relationship outside. However, she is asked by Bigg Boss to handle the situation considering Shefali Bagga has professional experience as a reporter. 

Shefali Bagga quits the task and demands that Bigg Boss call her into the confession room. She forces Bigg Boss' hand by taking off her mike and despite the third buzzer going off, Shefali refuses to resume her task. 

Paras Chhabra in a fit of rage, questions Shefali about her boyfriend watching her and Siddhartha Dey flirting her and walks off calling the interview pathetic. Shefali then concludes by saying that Paras only plays his game with the help of girls' help and calls him a player. 

Shefali Bagga asks Paras about his nickname 'Sanskaari Playboy' and how he is being accused repeatedly about using the girls of the house to up his game in the show. Shefali asks Paras about how he hurt Shehnaaz Gill's feelings and said that Sidharth Shukla is a 'Bhabhi'. Shefali also quizzes Paras on his girlfriend Akanksha and the triangle between himself, Shehnaaz and Mahira and his various relationships with the women in his life. 

Shefali Bagga questions Rashami Desai on her game plan, her targetting Arti Singh, her opinion on how Sidharth Shukla is manipulative, but Rashami does not answer Shefali's answers, which gives Shefali the opportunity to deem her as fake. 

Shefali Bagga is assigned a task, Bigg Boss 13 Khabar, where she will pick three Bigg Boss 13 contestants who according to her are fake. 

Bigg Boss announces nominations - Paras Chhabra, Sidharth Shukla, Siddhartha Dey, Rashami Desai, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Shefali Bagga, Shehnaaz Gill and Mahira Sharma. 

Arti Singh nominates Paras Chhabra for his comments on how she is not understanding the game. 

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Bigg Boss 13's tonight's episode will see the last set of nominations before the first finale of the season. And with the contestants leaving no stone unturned to up their game and win the first ticket to finale, the competition is only getting breakneck with each passing day. Just like before every task, Bigg Boss plays a song that indicates how the upcoming day will go - nominations and impending mayhem. Also, Bigg Boss gets Shefali to perform a very reporter kinda task which ruffles more feathers in the house. Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan Ko Gussa Kyun Aata Hain? Times the Actor Threatened to QUIT the Controversial Reality Show