After the huge fight, Madhurima goes and apologises to Vishal. The two come to a decision and agree on not going personal and will enjoy their stay in the house. The ex-lovers also pull each other's legs and talk their hearts out. So, are the two ready to give their broken pyaar a second chance? 

As per Bigg Boss' task rule, the decision lies in the hands of Sidharth and Paras. And the two boys save Mahira Sharna from the nominations. According to the two, Sharma was ignored the most by the inmates during the task and so deserves to get saved for her efforts. With this the new nominated contestant list is - Shehnaaz Gill, Sidharth Shukla, Madhurima Tuli and Hindustani Bhau. 

After Madhurima Tuli and Vishal's fight, the former gets teary-eyed. During the same, Mahira tries to calm the Singh down and amidst gets close to the lad. The scenario between the two looks awkward. 

Shehnaaz Gill goes to Rashami and talks about her hairline fracture. The two discuss how during the task because of Sana, Desai got injured. Gill says sorry to Desai, but Rashami rejects her apology. Is the TV actor serious or just giving Shehnaaz the footage as part of the task? 

The ongoing task leads to friction between Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh. As Tuli to grab the limelight points out Vishal's behaviour towards girls. The argument gets personal and the two start yelling at each other. The ex-lovers during the argument blame each other for their broken relationship wherein Madhuri further feels she crossed the line and feels sad. 

Bigg Boss gives a new task and an opportunity to the nominated contestants to save themselves. The task is that all the four nominated inmates need to be in the limelight for the next hour in the house with an aim to get safe from nominations this week. The twist here is that Sidharth and Paras are the viewers of the task and will have the power to save one through a mutual decision in the last. 

Asim Riaz turns into a cupid between Arhaan Khan and Rashami Desai. Riaz tells Desai that it is the man who proposed to her on national TV and she should respect the same and forget his past. To this, Rashami in quite a romantic way confesses her love to Arhaan. Aww!! 

Vishal Aditya Singh adds fuel to the fire by telling Arti Singh that Sidharth used to bitch about her. He says to Arti that Sid had told him once that do not fight with Singh as she will get content in the house. To this, Arti laughs and gets confused on why Shukla said this. 

Monday calls for nominations in the Bigg Boss 13 house and after the same process it is - Sidharth Shukla, Madhurima Tuli, Shehnaaz Gill, Mahira Sharma and Hindustani Bhau who are up for eviction this week. Out of these, anyone or more will be kicked out of the show. P.S: Shukla is nominated by Bigg Boss for getting violent with Asim during their argument. 

This is really shocking! As Arhaan Khan while talking to Shefali Bagga in the morning tells that when he met Rashami Desai for the first time, she was bankrupt. He further added that Desai was on road and 'khatam ho chuki thi' and it is him who made Rashami a star once again. Really dude? 

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The gone by Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar saw Himanshi Khurana getting evicted from the show. Not just this, it also saw one huge revelation wherein Arhaan Khan's personal life was highlighted on national television. Now, coming to tonight's (Monday) episode, fans will get to see a lot of drama. From nominations plotting to Sidharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra sent to the secret room, things are about to get messier in the house. Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi Khurana’s Shocking Revelation; Sidharth Shukla Was the Reason Behind Asim Riaz’s Painkiller Overdose.

Not just this, the episode will also see an argument between Shehnaaz Gill and Rashami Desai over the latter's hairline fracture as well as Arhaan Khan stating that Desai was bankrupt when he met her. Even ex-lovers Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh will be seen locking horns on tonight's episode. In a nutshell, Monday's BB 13 episode is going to be a nail-biting one. So, without further ado, stay glued here to know each and every deets from Bigg Boss 13Bigg Boss 13 Day 64 Synopsis: Will Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh Give a Second Chance to Their Broken Relationship?