Game of Thrones Season 8: Daenerys Targaryen May Sit on the Iron Throne - Here's Why
Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

Daenerys Targaryen aka Khaleesi's journey has been remarkable on Game of Thrones. From a shy and scared girl to a loving wife and finally a determined and fearless Queen, Daenerys has all the right reasons to sit on the Iron Throne, now ruled by Cersei Lannister. There are so many valid points that explain why she should rule the seven kingdoms and if makers are in favour of her, she may end up conquering it. Emilia Clarke had one of the most drastic transformations throughout the show's eight seasons. From her mannerisms to body language and even her choice of attires, everything varied keeping her present position in mind. A New Game of Thrones Theory Suggests That The Night King Could Be A Targaryen!

Among the many reasons why she deserves to sit on the throne, one is her ability to rule the kingdom. A Dothraki Queen and a successful ruler of the Unsullied army, she's brilliant when it comes to winning everyone's hearts and minds. She hates being unjust and believes in calling spade a spade. A mother to three dragons, she's hungry to avenge the death of her father - the Mad King and her elder brother, Rhaegar Targaryen. Game of Thrones 8 Premiere: All You Need to Know About Lord Ned Umber and White Walker Spiral Circle Made Behind His Corpse.

While the Mad King was killed by Jamie Lannister (so his name Kingslayer), Rhaegar, who was very popular with the smallfolk lost his life in single combat by Robert Baratheon. With a legacy as strong as hers, her vengeance is only justified. She's worthy of the title and she won't disappoint the masses by giving up the honour bestowed upon her (If you know what we mean). Daenerys will defeat Cersei and this is not a spoiler but we are also rooting for her to claim the throne and value her legacy.