A New Game of Thrones Theory Suggests That The Night King Could Be A Targaryen!
Game of Thrones new theory (Photo Credits: Twitter)

There's a new interesting theory regarding the Night King's true identity. Well, since his identity is still a big mystery with major votes going for Bran Stark, another theory suggests that perhaps it could be someone from the Targaryen house. Well, up until the seventh season, everybody was convinced that the Night King is the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran Stark. However, the premiere episode of Game of Thrones season 8 has shed light on a new solid theory.

In the first episode of season 8, when Tormund, Beric and Dolorous Edd discovers a boy from House Umber impaled on the wall at Last Hearth, the boy is surrounded by limbs which create a familiar swirling pattern. when the boy returns to life as a wight and is finally killed by Beric's flaming sword, a message from the Night King is revealed which is a flaming spiral. Now if you're a hardcore Game of Thrones fan, you'll notice the striking similarity the flaming spiral has to House Targaryen's sigil. And now the speculation rides that perhaps the Night King is none other than the late Rhaegar Targaryen!

Considering how Daenerys and Jon Snow are both Targaryens, could it be that the Night King is sending a message to them? Well, that is a possibility. The flaming spiral has been noticed throughout the series in various seasons. First was in season 3 when Jon found the swirls made by using mutilated horses in the North of the Wall. A similar one was noticed in season 7 when the spiral formation was carved in the dragonlass caves at Dragonstone. Speaking about the Children of the Forest, the creator of the Night King, showrunner David Benioff quoted, “One of the things we learn from these cave paintings is that the White Walkers didn’t come up with those images; they derived them from their creators, the Children of the Forest.”

He further added, "These are patterns that have mystical significance for the children of the forest, we’re not sure exactly what they signify, but spiral patterns are important in a lot of different cultures in our world, and it makes sense that they would be in this world as well.” The Night King did bring Viserion back to life as an ice dragon and rode it with utmost ease so it is not particularly surprising to see how the Night King could be a Targaryen.