Ishqbaaz February 13, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Mannat Gets Married to Shivaansh, But Will She Support Varun’s Plan?
Shivaansh and Mannat get married (Photo Credits: Stills From The Episode)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with the haldi bowl about to fall but Mannat and SSO hold it, SSO’s hand and Mannat’s hand get messy with haldi. Mannat thinks this idea also did not work and is tensed as what will happen to Munni now. SSO is dressed up as a groom, Shivani and Radhika come in and tell him that his Chacha and Chachi have sent gifts for his marriage. SSO gets emotional seeing it. While Mannat is searching for SSO, to tell the truth, she sees Varun and thinks maybe she can tell him the truth and he will go and say it to SSO. Mannat comes near Varun and tells him all and that someone has sent her here and has kidnapped her sister, Varun tells that he will talk to SSO and that she should not tell anyone about this. Mannat goes in Sonia’s room and searches for her, just then she gets a call from Varun, he tells her that she has to sit in place of Sonia and marry SSO. Mannat is shocked to hear this and says that she cannot do this. Varun tells her if she does not agree to marry him will kill Munni. Varun tells that if she tries to tell anyone then she and Munni both will die. Mannat thinks that she has told Varun and if he goes and tells SSO then Munni’s life will be in danger so she hurries and goes out to search for Varun. Mannat sees Varun and tells him that she was thinking something else and that nothing is going to happen to SSO and that he should not bother SSO about it. Varun says thank god and that he was very tensed and tells her to go. Ishqbaaz February 12, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Mannat to Marry Shivaansh After Varun Threatens to Kill Munni

There Shivani, Radhika, and Varun dress up SSO as a groom and they feel very happy, SSO thinks even if this marriage is fake but this all happiness is real and that he is doing wrong with all of them. Mannat also dressed up as a bride and thinks she has to do this otherwise he will kill Munni. SSO comes in the room and tells thanks to Sonia for doing this all for him. SSO tells she might be having so many dreams but she is doing this fake marriage just to help him and says thank you very much. Mannat thinks she should tell SSO the truth and holds her hand just then Varun comes and takes him out. Mannat thinks if within one hour she is not able to do anything she will get married to SSO. Niti Taylor aka Mannat From Ishqbaaz Loves Red Outfits: 5 Times the Cute TV Actress Rocked the Colour of Love

Down all are singing and dancing and enjoying the function. SSO also dance and is happy seeing all happy. PN tells the mahurat will go and that they should go to the mantap. Varun tells he will bring the pandit and tells SSO to go to the mantap and thinks if marriage is real why a fake pandit should come. There the bride also comes down. PN gives the blessing to SSO and says that she is very happy for him. Mannat thinks she should go from here as she does not want to betray PN and all. Just as Mannat tries to go Varun calls her and ask where is she going and tells her to see Munni who is behind SSO. Mannat is happy and shocked to see Munni. Varun tells to see Munni carefully and that can she see a red light and tells her that by 12 the marriage will happen or else the bomb will blast. Mannat is helpless. PN calls her and gives her hand to SSO and blesses the couple (tere naam hamney kiya hai track is played in the background). SSO goes from there and sees Varun and tells that he cannot do this and that he can’t betray PN. Varun tells SSO to see how happy they all are and tells just for their happiness he has to do this marriage. Mannat thinks that SSO is very nice and that she cannot do this fake marriage and should tell the truth but how.

In the precap, SSO marries Mannat