Ishqbaaz January 4, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Will Aditi Hold Shivaansh Responsible for Honey’s Death?
Will Aditi Hold Shivaansh Responsible for Honey’s Death? (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with SSO (Nakul Mehta) telling Aditi (Manjiri Pupala)that he is coming use to her in so many ways as he arranged the pass, he gave her the tea and that she will solve this case with his help. Aditi tells SSO that she does not need his help. SSO tells Aditi is she going to the party in this dress. Aditi asks him what is wrong in this dress. SSO tells her that whether she wants everyone to come to know that a police officer has come to a party. Dress like a girl, Aditi tells him that she knows how to dress up and that now she is going to check on prisoners and goes from there. Ishqbaaaz January 3, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Will Aditi and Everyone Else Find Out About Shivaansh’s Heart Problem?

SSO and Aditi enter the New year party, as soon as they come all the reporters come and click photos of them, they ask whether Aditi is his girlfriend. Aditi sees Gajni in the party and follows him. Aditi thinks she has to find out why Gajni is here and what is his plan. Aditi notices the film reporter who had promised her that she will reveal the truth about SSO but had backstabbed her. The reporter asked Aditi how come she is here at the party with SSO. Aditi tells she has come for some work and goes from there.

Aditi is trying to find out Gajni, but SSO comes and tells her to stay with him. Aditi sees Gajni and goes behind him. Suddenly there is an announcement requesting SSO and her date Aditi to come on the stage and write their wish in a paper before the new year begins. Aditi wishes that she knows what had happened to her father and SSO wishes to open the Shivika memorable hospital for which he wants 5 crores. A fan comes and hugs him and starts clicking the photo, while SSO is busy with the fan his chit falls down.

Aditi picks it up and just sees the last part of 5 crores and thinks SSO is so money minded that even after he has got so much money he wants more. Aditi thinks that she should stay away from SSO before the new year starts. She goes from there as she does not want the media to click more photos of them and tell fake stories. Just then Aditi sees Gajni and follows him. SSO tries to hide from the fans. The countdown begins as it is going to be a new year. Aditi goes behind Gajni and searches for him.

Just as the lights come back SSO finds himself holding Aditi’s hand (Na Wo Akhiyan Ruhani Na Bo Chehra Noorani Kahi track is played in the background). The party host tells Aditi and SSO to cut the cake. When they are about to cut the cake Aditi tells SSO that every minute is precious and that Gajni will go away and tell SSO to cut it fast. Just as SSO and Aditi about to cut the cake from above a body fall on the cake. SSO recognizes it is Honey his stylish and is shocked to see him. Reporters gather around and click photos and Aditi informs her men to come and tells SSO to go from there. SSO is in shock and sad after seeing Honey’s body.

Next day morning in Oberoi's Mansion SSO tells Avi to take some money and give it to Honey’s mother and tell her that her one son has gone but another is still there for her. SSO tells Avi to tell her not to worry. Khanna tells that God has not done good, as if a mother dies a son manages but if a son dies that mother can’t live and is broken. SSO tells Radhika that PD and PN should not know about this all as they both will get tensed. In the precap, Aditi gets to know that Honey’s last call was to SSO and promises to find the truth.