Kapil Sharma’s Team Denies Ali Asgar’s Claims of Meeting an Emotional Kapil Sharma, Is the Comedian Lying?
Ali Asgar, Preeti Simoes, Kapil Sharma. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The Kapil Sharma episode is getting murkier day by day. We are not talking about the show’s episode but his tragic real-life episode. The comedian recently shocked everyone by posting abusive tweets and later apologizing for the same. Many of the celebs who have worked with him made various claims on how mentally ill the popular host is. One of them is Ali Asgar who played the popular character of ‘daadi’ in one of his shows. In an interview to a leading channel, Asgar stated that he met Kapil who broke down after seeing him. However, Kapil’s official team now have given a statement saying that the two co-comedians did not meet. Strange?

The official spokesperson for Kapil told Hindustan Times, “As a part of Mr. Kapil Sharma’s team, we would like to emphasise that recent stories doing the rounds that Mr. Sharma has met Mr. Ali Asgar and has written Ms Preeti Simoes name on his hand, are completely false.”

“We are equally shocked to hear about this ourselves and are surprised that Mr. Asgar, whom Mr. Sharma has always considered a friend, would make such hurtful statements. In fact, Mr. Sharma and his fiancee, Ginni are currently travelling together. We request the media to reach out to us to ensure our views are represented and the truth is brought to light,” they further added.

Ali Asgar was quoted saying, “When I reached his office, Kapil was lying down. He was close to tears when he saw me and could not even speak. It is clear that he is missing all of us, especially Preeti. He is like a child who wants something but is not able to articulate it.”

Well, both the statements are here and we don’t know who is speaking the truth. With so many speculations surrounding the Firangi actor’s health, it would be fruitful if the actor himself came out and told us what’s happening. Is Ali Asgar lying or is Kapil’s team trying to get away with the situation? Time will tell!