Khichdi Written Episode Update, May 26, 2018: Babuji Throws Hansa And Praful Out of His House
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Khichdi starts with Jayshree wailing away on her call to Baa. She says that Babuji has thrown Praful, Hansa and Himanshu out of the house., Now out comes the story about what happened. It turns out that Hansa, Praful and Himanshu were playing dumb charades with the kids last night. The kids are both quite sure that the night would pass with just wrong film in the hands of their elders. They give them Toilet Ek prem khatha, and now Himanshu covers the entire house along with the toilet to make them understand.

The power goes off, and Praful calls the saree centre to inquire about the early cut. The saree centre guy tries in vain to make Praful understand that it is a saree centre and not the electricity office. Later Babuji tries to take matters into his own hands as he goes to check the fuse box. Jayshree directs him in the dark as she has spilt and broken a jar of chilly powder. She leads him straight through the broken glass, and he injures his leg. Later Praful again irritates him saying he should be wearing glasses but Praful does not get the point it is the darkness that's the matter.

Jayshree calls the electricity department and finds out that the bill has not been paid. Babuji remembers he had asked Praful to pay the bill. Now with all the investigation Jayshree and Babuji find out that Praful paid the laundry man five lakh and the man impressed by Praful's foolishness drops Praful home. Babuji is furious now and throws Praful and Hansa along with Himanshu out of the house. He says that Praful has earned nothing to date and he has just lost lakhs. He asks them to come home only when they have at least 1 lakh with them.

Jayshree asks Babuji to think what Hansa will do as she must be already tired walking on the roads. Jayshree is so sure that Hansa could have very well become the television serial actress only that she tried. Now comes the imagination of the TV serial wherein Jayshree is the saas and Hansa is the bahu also Babuji is a servant as usual. Now we see Hansa being tortured by her saas for making mothichoor ke ladoo -which Hansa makes and HOW! She grinds the precious pearls of Jayshree and also soaks her husband Sohan that is Praful in milk for the same. Jayshree asks Servant Babuji to throw Hansa out of the house.

Hansa and Praful with Himanshu think of how they will live now. They get an idea and decide to open a hotel. Jayshree is sure that Babuji is going to lose the bet. Though now no one turns up at the hotel not even beggars. Finally, though the beggars union president walks in and asks for 1 lakh batata vadas. Jayshree wonders what use he is going to put them to. It turns out that the beggars are on strike and now as they have been banned from stoning the police they are now throwing Hansa made batata vadas at the police.

Finally, the leader from the authorities also turns up demanding an order of 1lakh for dhoklas. The dhoklas made by Hansa have soda bottles ground into them as someone told Hansa that soda powder needs to be mixed with the dhoklas. The dhoklas are for houses for the poor. Now as the money has been earnt Babuji calls the ones back home.