Kumkum Bhagya February 8, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Will Mr King Become a Villain and Stop Pragya From Marrying Abhi?
Stills of Abhi and Pragya from the show Kumkum Bhagya. (Photo Credit: File Photo)

Today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Abhi telling to Pragya that he needs her and asks her to believe him. Pragya agrees to reunite with him by marrying him again. Both of them get very emotional and hug each other. By that time an old lady comes there appreciating their proposal for each other to get married. Again there is a sound of a gunshot, Pragya gets scared and tells Abhi that they should get married immediately before anything wrong happens. But Abhi wonders how it is possible. But the lady gives them a solution.

On the other side, King is very much tensed as he comes to know that Pragya is inside the mall where the terrorists are there. King ’s tries to get in but the police stop him. Media starts questioning him. He gets angry with them. By that time his aunt comes there. King sees that she is having tears in eyes. He feels that she must be crying for Pragya but aunt takes him with her from there.

Meanwhile, the old lady helps Abhi and Pragya to get married by playing online mantras of a wedding in the mall itself. But by that time again the terrorist attack on them. The old lady prays for the safety of Abhi and Pragya. But the terrorist takes her on gunpoint. King’s aunt reveals about Abhi and Pragya’s relation. But King doesn’t believe her. Tanu and Aaliya also come there. They also fuel him against Abhi and Pragya. King is shocked by that. King apologizes to his aunt for not believing her. He wonders why Pragya didn’t tell him about the fact. But he is happy as Pragya got her true love. He asks his aunt to go home and he also leaves from there thanking Tanu and Aaliya. Tanu and Aaliya wonder about his reaction.

In the mall, Inspector calls the terrorist to threaten them. He asks them to surrender else they will do encounter. They plan their moves accordingly. King again tries to come inside. But the police stop him. King requests them again to help as many people he can. Purab calls Abhi. He along with Dadi asks him if he is safe. In such situation also, Abhi informs all that he and Pragya are together. All become happy with that. King listens to that. He recollects what his aunt and Tanu told him. He is hurt. By that time terrorists come and catch them. Abhi is still very casual. The terrorists keep Abhi on the gunpoint. Pragya asks them not to hit him as he is her husband. Abhi is happy that she accepts that he is her husband. Dadi also asks the terrorist to let Abhi and Pragya go. The terrorist makes fun of her. But the terrorist wonders as Dadi is ready to die for the couple. By that time Abhi fights with the terrorists. But again he gets caught by them. Pragya expresses her love in front of the terrorists in such a situation. Abhi is happy but he asks her why she expressed her love here. By that time Police come there and start shooting. So the terrorists get encountered. Abhi and Pragya are relaxed as they are saved. The old lady blesses both of them. They hold each other’s hand and go out of the mall happily. As they come out, all the family members become happy to see them. King is also there but Pragya doesn’t notice him there. He gets hurt.

In the precap, Abhi tells Pragya that King loves her, Pragya tells that they both are just good friends.