Naagin 3 12th August 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Bela Kills Mahir!
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Naagin 3 starts with Ajithab saying that Bela(Surbhi Jyothi) has been lying and nobody actually knows where she has come from and therefore they need to get to Yuvi's autopsy report.

Vish/Ramona says that she feels Bela is innocent and Ajithab says that he wanted to hear this from her mouth. Ramona tries her luck flirting with Ajithab, but he does not fall.

Vish thinks that she wished she could kill Ajithab. Bela is worried that the woman will die if she touches her body. Bela tries dodging this but Anu is listening to nothing, and she makes Bela sit down.

Bela says that she does not believe in all of this and when no one is listening to Bela screams saying she does not like being forced into this. Bela walks away as Sumitra tries stopping her.

Anu thinks that now everyone will know that Bela is not human. Anu says that Bela is hiding something and Andy agrees with her even though Sumitra says that she is just being moody.

Bela prays for strength as she is unable to hold herself calm. Bela enters back to her room and finds Mahir there. Bela remembers that nagpandit had asked her to make Mahir do something selfless for her.

Mahir has a gift for Bela, and they argue over Bela getting fat. Bela asks Mahir why he is always so nice to her even though she hurts him. Mahir says that he knows she has her own reasons and also that he can do anything for her.

Bela now asks Mahir to hold her and Mahir happily takes her in his arms. Bela feels guilty and says sorry to him. Mahir gets confused and asks her what she is speaking about.

Mahir suddenly gets a fit and starts suffocating. Bela sadly watches him fall. Bela remembers Vikrant getting killed and also her revenge. Bela suddenly realises that she was imagining this.

Mahir asks her if she is fine and she says that she is fine. Bela goes off to take a shower. Bela wonders why she is unable to kill Mahir and remembers everytime Mahir has stood by her.

Bela remembers her responsibility to find the nagmani. She slips, but Mahir holds her before she falls. They have a moment of eyelock. Bela asks Mahir to let her go, and he should not touch her.

Mahir says that he is worried about the child and also now asks her why she hates him so much. Mahir asks her why she is wearing this false marriage when she does not accept it at heart.

Mahir says that he has nothing to prove to anyone and so she should also stop. Bela says that she is just surprised how he can be so good all the time. Mahir says that he wants to understand her but is unable to do that.

Bela almost faints, and she scratches Mahir by mistake. Bela is unable to stand on her feet, and Mhair carries her. Mahir asks her what is happening to her. Bela knows that Mahir will die soon and tries saying sorry to him, but Mahir thinks that she is talking about the child.

Mahir says that he knows the child is Yuvi's but he is ready to accept it. Bela says that she wants to change out of the wet clothes and Mahir goes to get the saree for her. Bela gets more and more sick.

Mahir gets her the saree and Bela keeps saying sorry to him. Bela changes her clothes, but Mahir assists her with it. Mahir makes Bela wear her saree even though she resists.

Bela feels guilty as she watches Mahir. Mahir thinks that Bela is crying because he crossed his line and he says sorry, but Bela hugs him. This time injuring him more.

As Bela watches, Mahir turns blue and starts getting suffocated. Bela finally falls unconscious, and Mahir worries over her and runs down. Mahir is himself in pain and stumbles down the stairs.

The family runs to him. Ajithab remembers seeing the video at the village function. Vish enters his house and sees that he is having a button camera fixed on his shirt.

Vish tries to call Bela, but the latter is unconscious. Bela wakes up calling out to Mahir and tries standing up. She searches around for Mahir. She is pained as she remembers him.

She sees ambulance outside and wonders if she actually did kill him. She runs down and sees Mahir being checked by a doctor. The doctor says that he seemed to be poisoned.

Anu says that Bela must be the reason. Sumitra says that they must take Mahir to the hospital immediately. Bela is shattered as she realises that she did kill Mahir. Bela tells Vish that she killed Mahir.