After turning a zombie and back into a recovered man in Happiness, Park Hyung-sik is seen as a normal human (just the way we like it) in Soundtrack 1. It is streaming on Disney+ in select territories. It is always good to watch him in shows, he has this innate innocence that shows through all his characters. We still haven't gotten over his glow up from Heirs to now! Anyway, the series is streaming and a scene is going viral on Instagram. It has Hyung-sik and Han So-hee sleeping next to each other. They have a moment and that very moment, we just couldn't shake off the Deja vu feeling. Snowdrop, Sweet Home, Happiness - 5 Korean-Dramas That Fooled Us With Misleading Titles.

In this scene, Hyung-sik and So-hee have a moment where they look into each other's eyes for a while. Perhaps the first time they felt strange sensation while looking at their friend. So, for a bit of context, Soundtrack No 1 has Hyung-sik and So-hee playing friends since 20 years who start falling for each other when due to some reason, they are forced to live together. Now you get the drift, right? Check out the scene here...


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If you remember, in Strong Girl Bong Soon, Hyung-sik enacted a similar sequence with Park Bo-young... the famous 'Please love me' scene on the couch! We wonder if it's just coincidental or intentional. Here's How the Korean Drama Crash Landing On You Borrowed This Great Line From Irrfan Khan's The Lunchbox.

Well, we certainly think Park Hyung-sik should do yet another series with Park Bo-young. Is this a sign?

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