Qayamat Ki Raat Written Episode Update, August 12, 2018: Raj Decides to Marry Karuna While Gauri Gets Kidnapped
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Qayamat Ki Raat starts with Karuna threatening to hang herself as she is tired of waiting for Aman. She says that her life is ruined and nothing matters to her anymore.

Raj manages to break the door, and the family walks inside. Madhvi says that her daughters were so happy when in Mumbai and they should have never come to this cursed place.

She blames Mahender for this. Raj (Vivek Dahiya) says that he is ready to marry Karuna. He shocks Gauri(Karishma Tanna) by this declaration while Karuna is happy.

Karuna thinks about the spell she mixed in his water. He is under her control now and will do exactly as she wishes him to. Raj's mother asks him to rethink about this and says that he is being too abrupt about his life.

Damini says that she wants Karuna to have a life and what better than Raj marring her. Raj asks his father Prithvi to support his decision and Prithvi does just that.

Raj looks at Gauri is shaken. Gauri tries to follow Raj, but Dharam pulls her away. Dharam tells her that she trying to convince Raj right now is a bad idea as Raj already is furious at her.

Dharam says that they need proof against Karuna first. Raj is in his room when Gauri walks in and tries talking to him, but he refuses to listen to her. Dharam watches them.

As Raj tries to walk out, Gauri closes the door. Gauri says that he is trying to distance himself from her and Raj asks her when were they ever together. Gauri tries showing him her painting from the haveli, but he remembers Karuna telling him that Gauri had a fancy about her being a queen.

Raj burns the picture and says that Gauri is gone crazy. Karuna barges in and asks Gauri if she likes Raj, and this shocks both of them. Raj says that he is willingly marrying Karuna and there is nothing more than friendship between Gauri and him.

Raj walks away with that and Karuna is joined by Kalasur. Kalasur tells Gauri that this was his trap for her and she walked into it. He says that Raj is under Karuna's spell and so he will do just as they wish.

Kalasur speaks to the unknown helper and asks the person to get Raj married to Karuna so Karuna can kill him on the night of the suhagrat. Next day the pandit looks at the muhurath and says that there is just one muhurath for the wedding and it is the very next day, and so the roka should happen that day itself.

Damini makes haste for the wedding. Gauri and Dharam realise that it has become even more difficult to stop the wedding and save Raj's life. Karuna gets ready for the roka and Kalasur informs her that he has to do a pooja and for that he will be going away for a day and she needs to handle everything here.

At the roka, Gauri watches the ceremony helplessly as Karuna mocks her. Later Gauri notices Damini going away with a bag and follows her. Gauri sees Damini handing over the bag to some goons, and she confronts her but soon realises that her stepbrother has been held hostage by the goons.

Gauri tries to help but she herself gets kidnapped. There Dharam plans to expose Karuna, and he makes the pandit conduct pooja. Karuna does not know what to do now as she cannot enter the temple. As she walks to the temple, she feigns fainting.

Dharam gets a bowl of gangajal with the intention of pouring it on Karuna, but that is when Damini and her son Vikas run in saying Gauri has gotten kidnapped.

Dharam drops the bowl which splashes on Raj. Raj's spell breaks, and he runs to ask Damini about the car details which kidnapped Gauri. Karuna worries that Kalasur will kill her if the goons harm Gauri.