Wait, What? Shilpa Shinde Fans Are Apologising to Hina Khan For Not Supporting Her!
Here's why Shilpa and Hina didn't come face-to-face on Bigg Boss 12

Did the Sun rise from the west this morning? No? Then why are diehard Shilpa Shinde fans apologising to Hina Khan? Yes, you read it right and no, we are not kidding. Shilpa and Hina fans have always opposed each other since the beginning of Bigg Boss 11. One of the most strong clubs we have in recent times, these fans have always grabbed every opportunity to cheer for their beloved star and criticise the other. In fact, the hatred was still going strong a year after Shilpa's win and Hina was still pulled down for being an arrogant contestant inside the BB house until today. Bigg Boss 12 Winner Dipika Kakar Is FAKE, Opines Shilpa Shinde; Dipika Hits Back-Details Inside!

After Shilpa Shinde's wrongful acts and harsh words against the recent Bigg Boss contestants, her fans started questioning their loyalty. They wondered if their decision to support Shilpa against Hina was even worth it. Today they are even willing to apologise to Komolika aka Hina Khan for failing to understand her and cheering for Shilpa instead. Don't believe us? Check out tweets by 'Shilpians' for Hina and wonder if Karma is indeed a bi**h. Bigg Boss 12: Vikas Gupta Proves That Dipika Kakar Has Overshadowed Sreesanth, but Shilpa Shinde Thinks Otherwise.


Well, this is quite alarming for Shilpa who was blessed to have such a strong fan base. Guess she should just take a chill pill for some time and analyse everything she said recently. Probably she'd able to make some sense out of it.