Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 4, 2018 Written Update Full Episode: Kartik And Naksh Save The Day For Vishambar
(Picture Credits: Episode Stills)

In today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai we will see that functions continue. Everyone is all praises for Kartik (Mohsin Khan) and Naira (Shivangi Joshi), and the Parivaar awards start. Ananya and Shaurya tell everybody to see the trophy, which they will be presenting. Vishambar (Sanjeev Sethi) is practising his dialogue for Favourite Ghar Ke Mookhiya Award and the nominations are Bhabhi, Maa, Suhasini Dadi, Vishambar Nanu and Bua Dadi . The awards goes to Suhasini Dadi (Vineeta Malik) and all are happy, but Bua Dadi as always is not and has an argument with Suhasini. But Naira tells why the judges chose her and the children say because she is the best Dadi. Suhasini Dadi comes on the stage and tells something in the ears of her sister and then Shaurya asks Bau Dadi to come up on the stage and give the award to Suhasini Dadi. Bau Dadi makes faces while giving the award and leaves the stage. Ananya asks Dadi to give a winning speech and passes her the mic. Dadi gets very emotional and says every mother wants that their kids to respect them and love them and I thank every family member specially Naira for arranging such a nice function.

Outside the Goenkar Villa, Lakna comes and tell the guard to let him in, they ask him who is he and he says that he’s a close friend of Vishambar. The guard asks him to wait and goes in to confirm. Lakna says to himself that it is good that the family function is going on inside, the more the people he will have more fun. Inside the house, the award function is going on smoothly and the next award is the Favourite Mazedaar Award and all the people say it should go to Jamaisaa, but the kids come up on the stage and take the award for themselves and convince everybody. Next award is Favourite Sasur and it goes to  Vishambar Maheswari, but he comes to the stage and couldn’t say anything and says thank you and comes down. Just then the security person comes and says someone has come out to visit you and takes Vishambar out with him. Seeing this, Naksh also goes behind him. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Entry: A New Villain To Separate Kartik And Naira!

In the function, the next award is for the Most Stylish Person and all the men think they’re deserving of this style icon trophy. The award goes to Manish Goenkar, he comes to the stage and says everyone knows who is the stylish person and praises himself so much that everyone says please leave the mic. When Vishambar comes out he sees Lakna and asks him to leave the place immediately, by that time Naksh comes out and witnesses Lakna take out his pistol and threaten Vishambar that if he doesn’t sign the copy they will kill him.

Inside nobody knows what is going on outside as they all are busy in the award function. The next award is for the Best Mother and Kartik is called to give away the award. There is a tie between Devyani Dadi and his mom, all are very happy. Kartik says whether it is our real mother or stepmother both love us immensely and hugs both of them.  They take a break and show an audiovisual of all family members. Badi Nani is not feeling well, Naira sees this and asks her whether she is fine or she’d like to see a doctor?

Outside Vishambar says do what you want I won’t sign and tears the paper in front of Lakna and throws it on his face.  Lakna gets furious and loads his pistol and that very minute Kartik comes, holds the pistol and fights with the goons and beats Lakna so much that he asks forgiveness and runs.  Inside another award is given to the most Smiling Face award which goes to Nanima and Favourite Shopaholic goes to Surekha Goenka, Favourite Bhai award goes to Akhil Goenka. The family enjoys and the function goes on.  Kartik is very angry with Vishambar that he didn’t say anything to them, but he says sorry and hugs them. The last award goes to Ghar Ka Naya Sadasya, which goes to Samar Chachu and the event ends on a positive note.