Inspiring Bhopal Class 10 Student Donates Scholarship Amount to Free Prisoners Serving Additional Term!
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Students these days are growing more mature then one can imagine. As they are competing and excelling in both education and co-curricular activities, they even strive to understand societal responsibilities. In a recent major move, a class 10 student from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, stands as an inspiration after supporting the state’s prisoners, who have served their term in jail but are still behind the bar as they could not pay the required fine. He turned 14 this year and decided to free 14 such prisoners on Independence Day by donating his scholarship amount. These Students' Success Stories Proves Where There is Will, There is Way. 

Ayush Kishore, a 2016 National Child Awardee for exceptional achievement in academics, felicitated by then President Pranab Mukherjee, decided to release 12 convicts from Indore jail and two from Bhopal; all murderers. In fact, TOI reported that on Republic Day, this year, he had secured the release of four such prisoners. Ayush has achieved several scholarships during his school tenure for being an all-rounder. He had also won gold medals in several national and international competitions.

Ayush was quoted in the same report, “The joy of helping in the release of four prisoners in January this year can’t be put in words. They were so happy to meet their families. Their joy served as inspiration for me. I decided to help more such prisoners. I met a prisoner who had completed his punishment two years ago, but was still in jail. Seeing him I decided to help as many as I could. Many of them had fines of Rs 6,000.”

Ayush is also in the Limca Book of Records for winning the Aloha International Arithmetic Competition. It was Ayush’s mother who motivated him seeing his child’s interest in helping people. The 14-year-old will contribute Rs. 27,850 towards the prisoners' fine who are serving an additional term for not being able to pay the amount.