Haryana Woman IAS Officer Accuses Her Senior of Sexual Harassment, Posts Multiple Allegations on Facebook
Workplace harassment (Representational image - Pixabay)

Chandigarh, June 11: A woman IAS officer in Haryana has accused her senior of the rank of  Additional Chief Secretary of sexual harassment. The woman posted multiple allegations against the senior on Facebook and also claimed that he threatened her to spoil her Annual Confidential report (ACR).

"It was on May 22 that he first called me to his office and asked me that I should mend my ways or face music throughout my career. He asked me not to make any comments on files as it highlighted what was going wrong in department and if I did not abide he would not just get me transferred from department within two months but would also complain against me. He also threatened to spoil my ACR," the woman IAS officer said in her Facebook post.

She also said that the senior bureaucrat was forcing her to accompany him to an event in Rohtak. She said that she feared the officer and "his men could harm her on their way back from Rohtak" as "her security was withdrawn."

"I want a thorough inquiry, including review of CCTV footage of the office of my senior, and seek police security for me as I am under constant threat," she said, adding that another woman IAS officer also asked her to remain silent and not go public with any charges.

However, the accused has denied all allegations, calling them "baseless." "Baseless allegation. She was posted here a month back. We gradually came to know she's facing problems,I asked staff to take care of her. She even misbehaved with them. It's my duty to train my staff. It's up to her to be willing to learn.If going to field troubles her,govt can transfer her. I'm ready for probe,even lie-detection test," he said.