7DaysTrader is a new app which teaches novice investors all they need to know about the stock market.

The app, which is now available from the App Store and Play Store, translates the language of the stock market for better understanding, and enhances any user’s ability to manage stock market performance; at an individual level anyone can confidently start trading within 7 days.

App developers want to break down barriers and teach the basic principles of stock market investment, so that successful trading and financial freedom aren’t just the domain of the wealthy elite.

The timing of this new app could not be better.

67 per cent of the population is planning to buy stocks and shares in the future, which is a 32 per cent increase on 2018.

The buying and selling of stocks and shares has continued to gain broad interest; having any kind of investment in a big company is aspirational—and the hopes of future financial freedom are a powerful lure...

It has also never been easier for ordinary individuals to start investing and trading in stocks.

There are reputable firms offering DIY trading; people can open an account and then choose which stocks to buy straight away.

People receive no advice on what to buy though and it’s possible for them to lose most, if not all, of their money if their investments are unwise.

The risks of losing money are enhanced when people dive in without understanding about the market and its relationship with the economy. Failure to understand risk to reward ratios and technical analysis etc can seriously impact stock market success.

Trading success is well within grasp though if people follow a few clear rules and have a proper understanding and training.  But despite trading being seen as a “sexy” topic, the founders of 7DaysTrader observed that people rarely put the effort into learning enough of the fundamentals. For many, the training can seem quite boring. Some people are put off.

This is where 7DaysTrader steps up, as the team behind the app explains.

“People like the idea of trading, but not of learning to trade, so we were seeing total amateurs diving into trading before they were ready and losing money. We’ve attempted to transform the learning part of the journey from dry, boring material into something fun and interactive.”

The 7DaysTrader app unlocks easy to understand videos each day for 7 days, meaning novice investors can take a fast-track to understanding the basic principles of the stock market.

In the same way apps such as Duolingo provide a fun and addictive way to learn a new language, 7DaysTrader offers a fun and addictive way to learn about the stock market.

After learning valuable information from the videos, users can test their understanding and earn trading coins. These coins unlock content and promotions from the apps’ partners.

As users noticeably progress, they pick up secrets of the trade, familiarise themselves with trading floor terminology, and quickly build the kind of solid theorical understanding that is vital to stock market success.

On completion of the 7 days, users earn a certificate of achievement, but more than that—they will now be equipped with vital technical knowledge which will help them navigate the markets with more confidence.

Previously, it’s tended to be the top 1% who have an understanding of financial markets. The top 1% who invested in stocks and saw great returns.

In many cases, the stock market has been the great separator. The rich earn money while they’re sleeping, while the poor slave away in jobs they don’t like.

Now, with apps such as 7DaysTrader being accessible to anyone, whatever their financial expertise, sensibly investing in the stock market is an opportunity they can finally seize.