Summer 2019: Prague Sets New All-Time High Temperature Record
Temperature (Image used for representational purpose only) (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Prague, September 6: Prague experienced the hottest summer on record this year with an average temperature of 22.9 degrees Celsius for June-August, the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute said Friday. "This summer was the hottest in 245 years of measurements at the Prague-Klementinum weather station," the Institute said on its website after record highs in many European cities. Heatwave in Europe Hits Blistering Peak, Temperature Touches Record 42.6 Degrees Celsius in Paris.

The previous record of 22.7 degrees Celsius was registered last year, which was the hottest year ever recorded at the historic Klementinum weather station in central Prague. "The record average temperature of the summer was largely due to an exceptionally warm June," the Institute said, adding that the warm months of July and August were "good enough not to spoil it for June". Heatwave Alert in Europe: Record-Breaking Temperatures Threaten to Surpass 40 Degrees Celsius.

The coldest summer in the Czech capital was registered in 1844 when the average temperature reached 16.4 degrees Celsius. The central European EU member also experienced record drought this year, which affected 99 percent of the territory, said the Intersucho (Interdrought) portal run by the Czech Academy of Sciences.