Mumbai Autorickshaw Drivers to Go on Indefinite Strike From Today Midnight, Demand Fare Hike
Auto Rickshaws | Representational Image | (Photo Credits: PTI)

Mumbai, July 8:  Commuters in the city who take the auto for their daily travel are likely to face a tough time as auto-rickshaw drivers have threatened to go on an indefinite strike from Monday midnight. According to a Mumbai Mirror report, around 2.2 lakh rickshaws will remain off roads in Mumbai to support their demand for a fare hike. More than 350  different associations have come together to stand in solidarity for their demand. Auto Rickshaw Drivers Cracked Down in Mumbai: Over 5,000 Penalised, 705 Licenses Revoked For Not Plying Short Distances.

Reportedly, the Union also wants the government to freeze the process of issuing permits for auto rickshaws.  Shashank Rao, Union Leader as quoted in the report said, "In Mumbai alone in the past one year, the number of auto-rickshaws has increased from one lakh to two-lakhs." He further alleged that many of these rickshaws are running illegally.

The Union demands that the auto fare hike is the need of the hour because they have not raised the fares in the last three years.  Medical benefits and pension schemes should also be launched under the Welfare Board for Auto drivers are also some of the demands of the auto drivers.