Ahmedabad, June 17: Jeki Chavda, a housekeeping worker at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International (SVPI) airport in Ahmedabad, displayed utmost alertness and honesty when he found a bundle of foreign currency worth $750 in a transparent zip-lock bag. Jeki Chavda took the bag to the CISF personnel at the security check who then found the passenger who had forgotten it. The incident took place around 5 pm on Wednesday. Mumbai Auto Driver's Honesty Gets Paid off: Returns Bag With Rs 80,000 And Earns Education For His Children.

Chavda found the bag containing foreign currency when he was cleaning the trays at the security check counter after they were used by flyers. "While cleaning and restacking the trays, I found a bundle of cash in a plastic bag in one of them. I immediately knew that a passenger must have forgotten it. So I went and handed it over to the CISF personnel at the security check counter," the staffer was quoted by TOI as saying. Central Railway Saves Husband! Returns Wife's Gift to The Man Who Forgets The Bag Inside Mumbai Local Compartment.

In a bid to find the original owner of the cash, the CISF personnel immediately started examining the CCTV footage. They identified a few likely passengers who may have forgotten the bag. CISF officials soon contacted the identified passengers and after further verification found the flyer who had forgotten the cash. The passenger was flying to Mumbai via an Indigo flight. The bag reached to him when he was about to board the flight.

Chavda was praised for his honesty and professionalism. Calling Chavda a hero, a Twitter user said the cash found in the bag was more than Chavda's monthly salary. However, the money couldn't shake his integrity, remarked the user.

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