Delhi, September 25: The number of dengue cases has spiralled in the capital city due to the increase in the number of mosquito breeding sites. In the past one week, around 233 cases of Dengue, 56 of malaria, 11 of chikungunya are reported by the municipal corporations. Out of 233 cases, 100 were reported from the national capital, Delhi, while remaining from neighbouring states. World's Deadliest Killer: Mosquitoes Are Biggest Cause of Human Deaths Around the World!

The sudden spike in dengue and other mosquitoes related diseases is due to increase in the number of positive mosquito breeding, due to rains.

The reports said that domestic breeding checkers found at least 1,71,045 mosquito breeding sites in households till September 22. Out of this, 1,43,611 have been served legal notices for various violations. Reasons Why Mosquitoes Love You and How to Keep Them Away

How to reduce mosquito breeding sites at home and surrounding?

Here are some recommendations by which you can reduce mosquito breeding sites at your home and surrounding.

  • Dispose of all discarded water-holding containers such as tins, plastic jugs so that water won't collect.
  • Eliminate any standing water that collects on your surrounding.
  • If you have a bird bath in your home or surrounding then clean it weekly. This will remove any mosquito larvae or egg.
  • Swimming pools should be maintained properly, it should be chlorinated and cleaned regularly.

Reducing the breeding sites at your home and surroundings will lower the risk of dengue and other mosquitoes related disease.

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