New Delhi, September 14: In view of the declining trend in the Covid-19 cases and rise in the volume of air traffic, the aviation regulator Director General of Civil Aviation has reviewed the guidelines for breath analyser test of pilots and crew members of the flight. The DGCA has also taken note of a recent Delhi High Court order which has dispensed with the restriction of testing only six personnel in an hour as mentioned in the earlier guidelines of the regulator.

As per the reviewed guidelines issued on Wednesday, "the breath analyser (BA) test to the extent feasible shall be carried out in a bigger and an open area which has CCTV coverage or camera recording in accordance with the related civil aviation requirement (CAR) rules. "The doctor, paramedic or nurse as authorised under CAR shall scan a person for symptoms of Covid-19 disease before carrying out a BA test. DGCA Issues Rules For Air Passengers, Know Why You Can Be Declared 'Unruly' For Not Following It.

"If any person is detected with Covid-19 symptoms, the person shall undergo the required examination and shall return to duty only after having been declared fit and records are to be maintained for all such cases. "The person carrying out the test should ensure hygiene."

As per the guidelines, the doctor, nurse or paramedic shall take a Rapid Antigen Test or any other test for Covid-19 as approved by the respective state governments prior to joining the duty for the BA testing. It also said that before every use, the BA equipment should be sanitized using UV sterilizers and integrity and sanitary condition of BA tubes should be maintained.

The regulator said that during intervening period, which is from the date of issue of this order till October 14, all the conditions conditions laid down in DGCA's March 29, 2022 order shall remain in force except the conditions related to wearing of PPE by the medical staff involved in the conduct of BA test and conduct of only six BA test in an hour. These two conditions shall stand dispensed, said the regulator.

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