HIV Patient Commits Suicide in Morab Lake in Dharwad; Residents Drain Out Water
Morab Lake in Dharwad. | Image: ANI

Bangaluru, December 5: In a shocking incident, residents of Morab in Dharwad district of Karnataka have drained the 36-acre lake in the drought-prone area of the state, after there were rumours that an HIV-positive woman committed suicide in the lake.

According to the reports, local residents took the decision after hearing the rumours that an HIV-positive woman allegedly committed suicide by jumping in the lake. Residents opine that due to the incident, the lake has become impure for drinking and other household purpose.Curl Shaming: Bengaluru Girl Commits Suicide After Being Teased for 'Incomplete Hair Straightening Treatment'.

Reacting on the decision by the resident, Hubli-Dharwad City Municipal Corporation Chief Medical Officer Dr Prabhu Biradar said, “After the patient with suspected HIV committed suicide, people of the village have started removing water from lake. This is totally unscientific as HIV doesn't spread through water.”

It is to be known that HIV is not contagious disease and it doesn’t spread through water or air. District administration is looking into the matter.